Learn how to choose the best modem for your situation. Read product reviews about the most popular modem brands in the market.

NETGEAR CMD31T-100NAR (4×4) Cable Modem: Review

The NETGEAR CMD31T-100NAR cable modem is a good brand but with issues. Today, many people are using pre-owned products including cable modems. NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4×4) Cable Modem is one product that has been inspected and tested to work and looks just like a new …

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ARRIS Surfboard SBG6580 Cable Modem/Wi-Fi (Review)

The ARRIS Surfboard SBG6580 modem is a good choice if it’s in good condition. Nowadays almost everyone is looking for a high-performance cable modem. You need one that can connect well, download files quick, and ensure you play online games with ease. It should also …

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