Learn how to choose the best modem for your situation. Read product reviews about the most popular modem brands in the market.

ARRIS Surfboard TM822R Cable Modem 343 Mbps (Review)

ARRIS Surfboard TM822R Cable Modem Quick Speed: 343 Mbps is a good choice for online gaming and HD streaming. If you would like to purchase a modem, you need to ensure you pick the right one for your needs. A good modem will ensure you do …

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TP Link Archer CR1900 Wi Fi Cable Modem Review

The TP Link Archer CR1900 Wi Fi Cable Modem may have a short life span. When planning to have a home modem, there are several things you need to put into consideration. Some factors you need to check include Wi-Fi speed, signal, performance, download speed, …

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MOTOROLA MB7220 Cable Modem 343 Mbps Review

MOTOROLA MB7220 Cable Modem 343 Mbps is a reliable modem but doesn’t come with a WiFi router. Most people are looking for reliable modems to use at home or office.  But since there are many brands on the market, picking the right one is not an …

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MOTOROLA MB7420 Cable Modem 16×4: Review

We know the MOTOROLA MB7420 Cable Modem 16×4 to be fast but also gets hot. A good modem allows you to connect to the Internet without difficulties.  Whether you want one that connects wirelessly or through Ethernet ports, you must pick the best for your …

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ZyXEL C3000Z Modem CenturyLink – Review

ZyXEL C3000Z Modem CenturyLink is powerful, yet it has a weak connection to the Internet. A good modem is easy to set up, affordable, reliable and has good customer support.  So, if you are planning to purchase a cable modem, these are some features you …

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