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Black Ops 2 Gameplay: Zombies and Multiplayer


Black Ops 2, a game published by Activision Blizzard is an excellent sequel that gives players more ways to have fun. If you enjoy shooting zombies‘, and playing multi-player matches, keep reading. The game has a single player, multiplayer and zombie mode to keep you entertained for hours. Black Ops …

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Hunted The Demon’s Forge Gameplay Review


Video Game Trailer   Hunted The Demon’s Forge is a superb action RPG game with similar elements to the game “Tomb Raider”. If you ever wanted to discover ancient dungeons with evil-looking monsters, then keep reading. Hunted The Demon’s Forge Gameplay The game is rated M for mature and parents …

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Star Wars the Old Republic Gameplay


 Day #1 I’m super excited to start playing this online game. I did play it about two years ago but many things have changed. Let’s begin this journey. How to install Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) online game? So the first thing I did was to search for …

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Guild Wars 2 Gameplay: An Artistic World


I couldn’t go on creating gameplay impressions without doing one for my all time favorite game Guild Wars 2. Released by NC Soft, Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG addition to the Guild Wars series played by thousands of gamers all over the world. Find out what this game is …

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Child of Light Gameplay (The Flying Princess)


Welcome to a magical journey where a princess must discover the mysteries of her story and the world. Child of Light is a very charming game with an amazing colorful world. In this role-playing game you will fight, do quests and make new friends. Child of Light Gameplay In the …

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