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Video Games Vs Gambling – Money or Entertainment

Today we will dive deep into the popular topic: video games vs gambling. Most people think video games and gambling are two different things, while others believe they are in the same category. This is because gaming is used to refer to real video games …

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Video Games Vs Sports – Brains or Muscles?

In today’s gaming world, players are pushed to decide on the topic video games vs sports. People are now moving from actual sports to virtual sports. Because of introducing the console, PC, and mobile games, many people prefer video games over real sports. So, what …

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Video games vs Real Life – New Gaming World

Today, video games are more popular than in the past. Happily, nowadays the love for video games is not limited to a specific age group or gender. Young and old, men and women are playing their favorite online games. Video games have changed how people …

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How to Tell if your Xbox Console is Bad (A few DIY’s)

Xbox console is one of the most popular consoles on the market. Because of amazing price cuts, a multitude of games, and the attractive game pass subscription plan, the console is a choice for many gamers. However, that does not mean the console does not …

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The History of Minecraft: Giant Steps for Video Games

Knowing the history of Minecraft is the path to understanding legendary games. Many people have played or heard about Minecraft. However, very few people know how it was created or where it all began. Who created Minecraft? Today, Minecraft is among the best and biggest …

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