Can Video Games Help with Anxiety?

People with health problems ask if video games help with anxiety.

Anxiety and depression can cause serious health problems.

Whether you are a child, an adult or elderly person, it is very challenging to feel depressed.

People suffering from depression, stress or anxiety find it hard to share with others or are searching for ways to overcome the problem.

Happily, things have changed and there are many treatment methods that people can use to overcome anxiety, depression, and health-related issues.

People have started to realize how beneficial digital games can be to people suffering from mental conditions.

According to health experts, gaming is one of the best activity that can help teenagers, young adults and elderly people to overcome anxiety and depression.

Can video games help with anxiety?

Video games help with anxiety and depression in different ways.

Whether you are playing an action video game or puzzle games on your tablet, it can help a lot for mental disorders.

Even though gaming has some downfalls, through moderation, many people struggling with anxiety and depression can find peace of mind by playing games.

Reasons for anxiety therapy, include:

• Digital games are not complex. You do not need to play complicated games to start feeling less-anxious.

Casual games such as Angry birds can make someone feel relaxed and boost their moods.

• Gaming motivates; When someone is depressed, doing an activity that motivates them is essential.

And with gaming, apart from relaxing the mind, you feel motivated and encouraged after winning.

• There are some video games specifically designed to deal with mental problems.

For instance, Sparx is a game that has promoted positive affirmations via the interactions gamers have within games.

In several studies, gamers struggling with anxiety showed a decrease in negative feelings after playing the game.

Ways video games help anxiety

1. Puzzles

Research shows that playing casual or puzzle games can help decrease anxiety, stress, and depression.

Games also help your mood; When someone plays a casual video game such as Bejeweled or a low-key puzzle game, it can help a lot.

Such games are important because they reduce distraction.

The main cause of anxiety and depression is the rise of distractions people face every day.

But when you play a game like Candy Crush, it forces you to put your mind in the game and get rid of outside distractions.

Digital games also help people feel less anxious.

Hence, if you feel you are struggling with anxiety or depression, having a few games on your tablet or smartphone will help.

You can play a game the moment you feel the anxiety rising.

2. Co-op games and MMORPG

Playing online co-op games and MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games) can work magic for kids and teenagers with depression.

These online games are very engaging and motivating.

When combined with face-to-face interaction, children can use digital games to start relationships, work as a team and even become more social.

Most health experts encourage children and young adults to become involved with games such as Mario and Star Wars: Old Republic.

These games help them feel more comfortable communicating and reduces stress.

It is also good for adults and elderly people struggling with anxiety and depression.

3. Oculus Rift

Individuals having anxiety attacks would always want to hear encouraging words from people who are not as depressed as them.

The state of depression is not something you can explain in words or people can identify from a distance.

Although there are many ways to reduce anxiety attacks, we have described breathing exercises as an outstanding way to regaining control.

To help people suffering from anxiety, Owen Harris, a video game developer designed a game using the Oculus Rift known as Deep.

Deep is a game that helps people enter breathing exercises as they experience a peaceful, underwater world.

It is a game able to respond to human breathing.

This immersive virtual-reality involvement of the underwater world helps the mind relax, and to handle life issues differently.

Deep is a video game that involves deep breathing, breathing calmly, and relaxing your breathing.

According to recent findings, the game has helped many people struggling with anxiety and also assisted them to overcome future attacks.

4. Representatives of depression

It is very hard for a person struggling with depression to explain his or her feelings to a non-depressed person.

People who have never been in such a state of mind cannot understand what a depressed person goes through.

It is even more depression explaining to people who you cannot be happy with or enjoy being around.

Anxiety or depression is more than the blues.

It can make someone lose self-control, lose self-esteem and lack of strength to continue living.

Happily, there are video games that operate just like actual-representatives of anxiety.

Video games to the rescue

Games can help people explain what they go through.

These special games have been developed by unknown people who understand how people feel when they are depressed.

There are representatives of depression in the game and they do a great job to individuals suffering from anxiety and depression.

A unique game that specializes in helping people with anxiety is called Depression Quest.

It is a game that lets people choose their own adventure and help them walk through the life of someone who is depressed.


Any mental condition can be a monster for any person to fight.

However, video games can help with anxiety by helping players forget about daily activities.

It is difficult for someone who struggles with depression to overcome the issue on his or her own.

Help, understanding, and motivation are some key-things they need to control anxiety attacks.

Most people suffering from anxiety dislike the feeling, and they can’t do anything to control the attacks.

But because of the disorder, they normally feel trapped and feel they cannot find a way out.

Fortunately, gaming is one vital activity that can help kids or adults who are battling anxiety and depression.

Also, there are many new digital games being developed every day to help people overcome different disorders.

It is exciting to learn that you can use your free-time to play a game, and overcome fear, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

Compared to traditional counseling methods, gaming is fun and an exciting way to overcome anxiety.

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