Can video games cause obesity? Advice for Parents


Being obese is being overweight. Eating a lot of food without working out is the main cause of being overweight.

If someone is obese, he or she can suffer from numerous health problems that include cancer, diabetes, and many others.

Today, a lot of kids love to play video games. They can spend many hours sitting playing their favorite games.

This means they are not engaged in physical activities like it used to be in the past.

The number of hours spent playing digital games is more than the time they use playing outdoors.

Also, most people that play video games tend to eat a lot which leads to obesity.

Why gaming is linked to obesity

Playing video games is linked to obesity because when a gamer is playing video games, he or she can eat simultaneously.

Also, kids tend to enjoy pizzas and soft drinks while gaming and adults tend to eat fish, chicken, and chips while playing their favorite games.

This means that people eat a lot when gaming. And when you check most the foods they eat, you can easily tell they are not eating healthy foods.

They eat fast food without engaging themselves with physical activities.

The amount of time children spend watching TV, playing digital games or surfing the internet is alarming.

In fact, based on statistics, the number of obese children has tripled since 1980. The only time kids are engaged in physical activities is in school.

During the holidays or the weekends, children spend most of their time indoors eating junk food, watching TV or gaming.

It is important to note that laying or sitting down for too long is not healthy for children or adults.

You should avoid eating while gaming to prevent being overweight. According to studies, more than 90 percent of kids in America play video games.

This means that there is a possibility of more than half of American kids becoming obese.

Based on studies, most of these gamers play video games after school or during the weekends. They also tend to eat large quantities of junk food while gaming.

And since obesity is a difficult condition to treat, prevention is essential especially when children are at their younger stages.

Through moderation and engaging kids with physical activities, you can prevent them from being obese.

What does research say about gaming and obesity?

According to research, playing digital games is the leading cause of overweight in children.

Since it is addictive, most kids can spend hours or even days playing video games. Modern games are very interesting, engaging and very addictive.

Once someone starts playing, it becomes impossible for him or her to stop. Whether you are eating or drinking, you may want to do it while playing.

Gaming, watching TV and spending a lot of time on the computer are considered inactive activities, playing video games is considered the worse addiction.

This is because you can spend many hours playing your favorite game. The researchers recommend control to ensure kids are involved in other activities.

This will also prevent other health risks associated with gaming.

Other health problems linked to gaming

Apart from obesity, video games can cause numerous health problems. Some problems are visions issues, muscle strains, and other illnesses.

Most of these problems occur in children, and especially boys. Also, there are several gaming consoles that have been associated with health problems.

However, there are more studies being carried out to determine the problem. Some health problems linked to gaming are the following:


Even though it is rare for adult gamers to be addicted to digital games, children who play video games for long hours can become addicted.

When someone is addicted to something, there are many negative effects.

For instance, unexpected weight loss/gain, poor hygiene, impulsivity, lack of good communication, aggressiveness, lack of sleep and social isolation.

Video game addiction can also lead to gambling for both kids and adults.


Other gaming problems are seizures. Even though it is rare, people who are engaged in gaming for a long time may suffer from seizures.

Though there may be no scientific evidence that links seizures with excessive video gaming, there is an association between epilepsy and gaming.

Photosensitive epilepsy arises once someone uses a device such as computer or TV for a long time. And eventually, this can trigger seizures.

Some video games developers have taken extra precaution and have placed seizure warnings in the introductory part of the game.

Vision impairments

Another major health problem that might be caused by gaming is visual impairment.

This means that people who spend too many hours watching TV, computer, mobile devices or gaming consoles may suffer from glaucoma or eye strains.

This mostly affects individuals who watch or play video games too close to the screen.

Staring at a bright screen for several hours non-stop can lead to eye damage, and later affect your vision.

Research has also noted that people blink less while looking into their bright screen monitor. This can cause the eyes to lose moisture and become irritated.

Headaches and migraine

Another common health issue caused by video games are headaches and migraines.

People who play digital games for more than six hours every day can justify that they complain about headaches.

Migraines cause pain that pushes on one side of the head. It can also be associated with fatigue, vomiting, and nausea.

A player can experience migraines for many hours, several days or maybe weeks.

Headaches and migraine often happen due to too much concentration and visual impairments.

Final word

It is important to note that video games have positive and negative health effects.

For instance, studies show gaming enhances the memory, improves problem-solving skills, enhances decision-making skills and can improve social interaction.

Also, video games can be used to educated and reduce pain in children.

Hence, it is important for parents to combine gaming with exercises. This could be the first step to living a healthy life.

There are also many digital games that are engaging and can help children become interested in sports and other physical activities.

The key to being a healthy gamer is to divide your game time with physical activities. Choosing fruits and vegetables over junk food will keep you energized and focused.


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