Can Video Games cause ADHD? Gaming Concern


Some studies have discovered that video games cause ADHD.

Kids who spend a lot of time gaming or watching TV are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is a condition with numerous symptoms that include hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness.

But ADHD symptoms can differ from one individual to another.

Children and adults can be diagnosed with ADHD, though it is a condition that mostly starts in childhood.

People with ADHD have issues managing time, setting goals, being organized, studying or doing continuous tasks.

How can video games cause ADHD?

Even though there is no proof that there is ADHD in video games or watching TV, some parents believe there is a connection.

It is believed that kids with the disorder are hard to manage, and they have fewer social interactions.

Hence, they end up playing digital games more than other children.

Although gaming might not directly cause ADHD, it can make the problem worse.

Gaming and watching television are some activities that reduce the time children need to spend interacting and socializing with other children.

ADHD vs Gaming

One of the best ways to reduce ADHD symptoms is interaction. Interaction helps to develop skills on how to manage the condition.

Also, kids with this condition are supposed to engage in physical activities.

But when they spend most of their time playing games, it cuts down their physical activities.

Experts advise kids suffering from ADHD to increase physical activities so that they can pay more attention in school and concentrate.

Kids diagnosed with ADHD have issues paying attention in school.

But in some instances, they can be hyper-focused on a video game for a long time without being distracted.

This can make it hard for a child to stop playing, to eat or do his or her homework.

The influence of games on children is controversial.

There are many positive effects of playing games which more people do not know.

However, gaming is an activity that can influence and change the child’s behavior.

For kids diagnosed with ADHD, it is important to limit their gaming time and to understand which games are best for them.

Other factors include family, environment, personality traits and stress conditions.

All these factors can play a big role in behavior problems or development of attention.

Health experts advise parents to minimize gaming and television on children and encourage them to be engaged in physical activities and interact with others.

How to keep your children safe from the negative effects of video games?

Most kids and teenagers who play video games intensively are more likely to have attention issues and ADHD.

With these negative effects, it is important for parents to look for ways to keep them safe.

It is also impossible at this age and time to prevent children from playing digital games.

Even though there is no such proof that gaming can cause ADHD, moderation is important.

It is also important for parents to understand the symptoms of ADHD and they should not be confused with bad behavior.

A stressful environment at home and school can make ADHD symptoms worse.

Here are a few ways parents can help reduce anxiety and negative effects of gaming.

1. Have a two hour a day limit on gaming time.

Some parents allow their kids to play video games only during the weekends, after doing their homework or as a reward for a good job.

Parents are advised to treat video game time as a privilege and not a right.

This will ensure kids do not spend most of their leisure time playing games or watching TV.

2. Parents should also check and approve the game’s contents before allowing their kids to play.

Today, a lot of video games contain violence and mature content that is not good for young children.

To ensure they are safe, keep an eye on what they are playing and for how long.

Based on several studies, most of these video games can have a bad influence on kid’s self-image and behavior.

3. Play and understand the video games your children play. This will make you more informed and well-equipped when making decisions.

Playing games with your children is also fun and can help your relationship become stronger.

If you feel the content is not appropriate for them, discuss the details with them and choose one that fits their age and gender.

Experts believe that parents should explain to their children why they are bothered by violence and sexual acts on games.

It helps them understand why rules are imposed and they can also set limits for themselves.

Should children with ADHD be allowed to play video games?

There is a debate whether kids with ADHD should be allowed to play video games.

It is important to note that games provide numerous health benefits to children.

Apart from checking the negative effects that may be obtained by playing games, parents should consider the positive effects as well.

For instance, playing digital games can enhance the working memory, help children improve in learning, improve problem-solving skills, and many other benefits.

Also, gaming is a source of self-esteem for kids with ADHD, and a place where they can be engaged and are able to learn new skills.

If you have a kid with ADHD, here are some tips to help you incorporate video games into their lives.

• Encourage them to use digital media and apps that can help them develop technology skills.

• Watch them as they play to learn how you can help them improve their condition.

You can use their engagement in gaming by bringing in other technologies to help them improve learning and thinking skills.

Apart from entertainment, let them enhance their skills when they play their favorite games.

• When introducing your children to new games, consider their maturity with ADHD.

It is important to consider your kid’s age and maturity before allowing him or her to be involved with M rated video games.

You should also check the online games they play.

• Let playing video games be one part of what they do.

Last Thoughts

Remember kids with ADHD learn more, are happier and pay more attention when they are engaged in physical activities.

Offer your children sports games so that it encourages them to go outside and engage in physical activities.

You should also choose outdoor activities that they enjoy doing.

Physical activities should be more important than playing video games for children with ADHD.


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