Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC Requirements

Before you play, you need to check the Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC requirements.

I know you want to blast away your enemies, but your computer may end up shooting you down.

The thing is that you will need a good PC with a solid graphics card to play COD MW.

Here are the minimum and recommended PC requirements to play.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC Requirements

I don’t recommend playing COD MW on minimum setting unless that’s the only option you have.

The problem is that once you install the entire game, the manufacture will continue to add shaders to all game modes.

These shaders improve the graphics of the game, but if you have an old graphics card, it may not work properly.

At the same time, NVIDIA, the graphics card manufacturer, continues adding updates to improve the game’s graphics.

Players may end up having to upgrade because their graphics cards may not use the newest technology.

Replace your Graphics Card

It doesn’t matter if you get a NVIDIA or AMD card, but it needs to fall in between the minimum and recommended requirements.

At the same time, you need more memory power to run your new graphics card and hardware.

My favorite strategy when upgrading video cards is to buy more ram.

Having lots of memory is like letting your video card run at full throttle.

Update your Video Card Drivers

Once you have installed a new graphics card, you will need to update its drivers.

Remember, each video card is different, so make sure you download the right ones.

Users cannot play the game until they install the latest drivers.

Some games won’t launch and will prompt users to download the latest vide card drivers.

Upgrade your Memory (RAM)

Currently, I am playing COD MW with DDR4 memory modules 16GB. 

If you’re running an old computer, I recommend adding all the memory it can hold. 

The PC gaming computer needs to be running super fast for all game modes.

For example, if you have 64GB of DDR3 memory, upgrade to 128GB or max.

Upgrading to DDR4 memory is an option, but you would have to upgrade your PC motherboard.

Should I Buy a New Gaming PC for COD MW

It really depends on the age of your gaming PC; For example, if it’s older than three years, buy a new one.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC requirements are high so I recommend buying one new.

Be realistic, this game is highly popular and to enjoy the graphics, you need good PC parts.

Also, the CODMW gameplay is fast, you can’t afford to have a PC that will slow you down in the middle of combat.

The only time you shouldn’t buy a gaming PC is when you already have a custom-built one.

Should I Build a New Gaming Rig for COD MW

This is a good question because I had to go through the same process.

I already had a custom-built gamin PC, so building it myself would save me money.

All I had to change on my PC was the motherboard and all of its components.

The total cost for my AKA Fire Fox custom built PC was less than one thousand dollars.

Here are the PC parts I didn’t change.

  • ATX Full tower case
  • 600W Power Supply
  • SSD 250GB Samsung
  • 1TB HDD Western Digital
  • Asus Optical Drive

I could have bought a brand new gaming PC built with all the goodies from around $1200-1500.

However, the overall quality of parts and the lack of space inside the tower are lower than mine.

With my custom-built PC, I have enough space to add beefier PC parts like extra graphics cards and CPU watercoolers.

Should I Buy a Console for CODMW

Players have the options of either buying or building a gaming PC or easily purchasing a console.

When I’m playing COD MW, each time I enter a multi-player lobby, I notice more console players than PC gamers.

Let’s say, for every ten to twenty players, there’s one or two PC players.

Yes, console players dominate the space in COD MW but performance-wise, it’s the same.

If your only intent is to play COD MW and similar games, buy a console.

But if you’re a hardcore PC gamer like myself, buy a gaming PC.

Test your Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC Requirements

Before and after you build your gaming PC, you need to check if it meets the Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC requirements.

Go to a website called where they will test your computer to see if it can run CODMW.

I’ve done it many times, and it does not hurt your PC. 

This website will ask you to download an executable file that will scan your computer’s hardware.

Once it’s done, it will notify you if you can run the game or not.


Just like any new game, it’s important to check your Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC requirements.

The most important parts to remember are the CPU, video card, and RAM.

Users can get away with upgrading the video card and RAM and have a good experience.

However, if you don’t upgrade, you could experience internet and video card lag while playing online.

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