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The Call of Duty Black Ops Review





It is about the time when you pump bullets into the head of a world-renowned communist leader that everything falls into place. Call of Duty Black Ops is an excellent game but could use some A.I. character improvements.


Intense battles in multiplayer mode.

You can kill Zombies.

There's a Co-op mode.


Needs to improve A.I. characters.

Multiplayer needs more maps for variation.


It's All About War

In the Call of Duty Black Ops campaign mode, you assume the exclusive role of a particular operations expert who goes by the name Alex Mason. You find yourself in the middle of Bay of Pigs attack, and then get thrown into a secret war. Spread across the Black Ops' expansive canvas of the cold war is Call of Duty practice that is very familiar.

There are just a handful of navigational options, mainly when you get to see spectacularly rich environments such as the jungles of Vietnam. However, this is the typical CoD strategy. Black Ops is an exceptional work, considering that it operates within the series' constraints.

Treyarch understands how to tackle the drama and fascinating sight out of all the maneuvered encounters. Within the dissonance of all missions, you'll find the typical cache of fascinating weaponry. They include; M16, Skorpion machine gun, FAMAs, and AK47 rifle as well. Additionally, you'll see the G11 and the extremely powerful H510.


Multiplayer and Zombies

Part of Black Ops' success can be attributed to the comparatively original characterization. One of the most exciting people in the video game is Captain John Price, a character in Modern Warfare. He delivers lines with a punch, so far that they go beyond grainy military doublespeak.

The first experience you'll have in the jungles of Vietnam would be remarkably fecund with clichés, ranging from topless soldiers spreading body bags to the southern rock soundtrack. Except for the simplistic Lockheed Blackbird series, the title's venture into alternative game techniques are satisfactory.

There occurs an air combat sequence, albeit briefly, whereby you guide a Huey as it mercilessly shoots at forces on the ground. Furthermore, there is a significant boat section that enables you to travel down a river deep in the jungle, blasting out everything and everyone in sight.

The multi-player module is skillfully designed and very expansive. You’ll find fourteen maps that allow exploration of several playing styles, most notably the Nuketown and Jungle. Elsewhere in the video game, you'll come across military industrial complexes like Radiation and Launch, as well as settings like Havana and Villa.


Call of Duty Black Ops ably represents the summit of military shooter experience that makes you wonder where and when the sub-genre is heading. The video game is beautifully orchestrated and is hugely exhilarating. I enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys playing shooter games.

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