The Best Video Game Blogs in the Universe

If you are a regular gamer, you might want to know about the best video game blogs.

However, you may not have time to go through all the gaming blogs.

This means you would like to know the best gaming blogs according to other video gamers.

There are multiple blogs that offer information about gaming and video games.

Some specialize in the latest games while others explain the dangers and benefits of gaming.

It is therefore important to know what you are looking for to get the best information.

Just like video games, there are blogs that lean towards children and others that are made for adult gamers.

Why are gaming blogs popular?

Today, gaming information is very important.

This is because many people are into gaming and they would like to know more about the industry.

Video game journalism is something that has become a career to many people.

Apart from sharing information about the latest consoles and games, bloggers are helping people understand the positive and negative effects of gaming.

Since most people want to get gaming news and information from a particular place, video game blogs have become very popular.

Parents, teachers, and children are searching online for the best gaming blogs.

Parents would like to know how kids can benefit from video games.

Also, teachers would like to choose the best games to use in school.

Kids all around the world would like to know the best games on the market.

Benefits of using gaming blogs

By reading the best gaming blogs, you have time to network with other gamers.

Getting information from top blogs can make gaming fun and entertaining.

This is because you get information that can help you enjoy gaming and also feel part of the gaming community.

Video game blogs also help game designers and developers.

It helps them create and design interesting and challenging games.

When people share their ideas and get feedback from gamers, developers can understand what most gamers love.

Bloggers help game players choose the right games for them.

Whether you are looking for an action-video-game or a MMORPG game, it is possible to find one when you visit a popular game blog.

Gaming blogs have narrowed down the choices for the reader.

This means it is possible to find the right information from the right game blog.

Game blogs also rate the latest video games.

This means it is possible to read about a particular game before buying it.

Do gaming sites provide services or products?

Some people may wonder how they can find the best blogs and whether game blogs provide services or products.

Depending on what you want, you can get services or products from video game blogs.

There are some blogs that focus on services such as gaming and others that concentrate on game products.

If you are looking for information about consoles, there are several blogs that can help you choose the best one on the market.

If you would like play a unique game category and you are not sure of the best games to play, there are many blogs to help you select the right category for you.

The Best Gaming Blogs

So, which are the best video game blogs? What makes a video game blog great?

There are so many elements that make a gaming blog popular.

First, most people would like a blog with regular updates.

Then gamers are looking for one with unbiased reviews and editorial articles.

In addition, most top video game blogs have streaming channels.

This means you can play or watch other people play games.

Below are the top ten best video game blogs.


At number ten is GoNintendo.

If you are interested in Nintendo gaming, this is the best blog to get all the required information.

From gaming consoles to reviews and latest games, you can learn a lot from this blog.

That VideoGame Blog

This is a video game blog that digs behind the headlines.

It posts blogs for people who are interested in joining the gaming community and to gamers.

The design of the blog and the quality of the blog posts make it among the best.


When you visit Shacknews, you will find the latest gaming news and features.

Although there are many blogs posting video game news, Shacknews beats them all.

Guardian Games Blog

One of the best video blogs is Guardian Games.

They specialize in the latest video game news.

The blog has a large library of blog posts that stretches from the press release to interviews, analysis, opinions, and reviews.

It is easy to read and can be provoking.

UK Resistance

If you are looking for all-around information about Sony, Xbox or Nintendo, UK Resistance will give you all you need.

One of the main reasons UK Resistance blog is popular is that most of their posts are consistently filled with humor.

Touch Arcade

Another amazing blog that provides news and information about gaming is Touch Arcade.

They design it to give readers news about new games and consoles, previews and reviews, and more about video game developers.


The blog is popular and an amazing one for people who are choosing video games for the first time.

The blog has received several awards for quality information about gaming.

The posts are of high quality and offer all-around information about video games.


Although there are so many blogs that offer gaming news, Destructoid has a unique way of reporting.

The information provided is high-quality, unique and entertaining.

In addition, the posts are informative and unbiased.


Kotaku is one of the leading blogs in the gaming arena.

If you are looking for a good deal on video games, you need to visit

We know it for its humor, amazing posts, and informative articles.

They also know the blog to offer unbiased information.


Top on the list of the best video game blogs is Joystiq.

We consider it as the heavyweight of game blogging.

If you are interested in knowing everything about video games, Joystiq is a vital source.

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