28 Best Video Game Based Movies with Attitudes

If you’re a gamer, you need to see the best video game based movies.

Both movie and video game industries have never been so close like they are today.

Being a multi-billion entertainment industry, designers and producers are looking for ways to make a profit.

Even with this relationship, they don’t have an established connection.

While you can find the best video game-based movies, most of the ideas have failed.

There are several challenges of having a good video game movie.

Most of them have turned out to be terrible due to the rush of producers attempting to make some quick cash.

Why do games and movies collide?

According to research, Hollywood was the first to jump onto the idea. 

Today, there are many producers who have dipped into the digital game pool.

Some have succeeded, but some have failed terribly.

One of the main reasons is blindly rushing things.

The duration that most producers used to produce a movie is not the same they use on a video game.

Their main objectives are to make money and cause the entire process to fail.

Fortunately, there are some movies that have turned out great.

Although some video game movies are not on point, they are very entertaining.

Below are some of the best video game based movies.

28 Best video game based movies

Assassin’s Creed – (2016)

If you are not familiar with the game, you may not understand some of its plots and may not like it.

But once you play some Assassin Creed games, you will definitely have a good reason to watch the movie.

Resident Evil: Afterlife – (2010)

It falls under the best video game based movies list because it makes the 3-D effects look amazing.

For people who have watched it, it is more entertaining than many other movies.

Mortal Kombat – (1995)

Mortal Kombat is very similar to the game; They add fighting scenes and locations that players have visited.

The theme and action bring in the fun and entertainment. Creativity is also outstanding.

Silent Hill – (2006)

One essential thing about video games is visual creativity.

This makes the game look realistic and colorful.

Silent Hill looks great while telling a fantastic story.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

For people who love horror, this definitely falls under the best video game based movies.

The “final-chapter” has outstanding horrific deaths, something that people enjoy.

It is a good game for the younger crowd.

Street Fighter – (1994)

This is a movie you shouldn’t miss.

The characters and the title make everything fall into place.

It was well directed and produced.

Super Mario Bros – (1993)

Although most people dislike the movie, the best way to like it is playing the game.

Even though the video game lacks the original dialogue, it’s recommended to play the game first before watching the movie.

Doom – (2005)

When searching for a video game horror movie, this one might be a good one.

However, the latest installment of “Doom” is a game that many gamers love to play.

Tomb Raider – (2018)

Here, the designers should be recommended for a good job.

It captures the spirit and some of the best action scenes.

Closely related to the game, it’s a movie filled with adventure, exploration and ancient artifacts.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse – (2004)

For those who like action pictures instead of horror scenes, this second installment of “resident evil” is a good choice.

The Hit Man: The agent 47 – (2015)

The movie is an enjoyable action movie and one of the best stealthy video game series.

It offers the best action you would expect in an action video game.

Lara Croft: Tom Raider – (2001)

This is another great video game movie.

Since it operates as an actual movie, it is amazing and enjoyable.

Pokemon – (1999)

The Pokemon movie is one inspiring experience.

It is a video game movie that can entertain and even make some people cry.

Dead or Alive – (2007)

One good example that is fully embracing its original material is D.O.A.

Even though its source was not as representable as expected, the movie came with a wink.

Resident Evil – (2002)

Most game series fans dislike the movie because they do not follow the true source material.

The movie has one of the best stories than many other games on the market.

Actually, it is a great modern zombies movie.

Resident Evil: Extinction – (2007)

Another great video game movie that has very few dislikes is the “Extinction”.

It is a great film that has zombie birds.

Resident Evil: Retribution – (2012)

It is goofy, crazy and probably the best idea that combines both video game and movie.

It is probably the best video-game movie and a choice for both young and old.

Tekken – (2010)

A great movie about some people whipping the crap out of each other. It is awesome.

Ratchet & Clank – (2016)

Another unique movie that becomes a darling to many people.

The creativity involved shows that any idea can become remarkable when presented well.

Pokemon 3 – (2000)

Another one on the list is Pokemon 3.

It is a story where a Pokemon becomes her father after the disappearance of the real dad.

Prince of Persia – (2010)

It might not compare to the game but it has a similar theme that makes it magical.

Warcraft – (2016)

If you have watched the “Lord of the Rings” it’s almost the same.

The characters and the history of the video game is well presented in this movie.

House of the Dead – (2003)

The “House of the Dead” cannot be missed on this list;It is funny and creative, providing some crazy moments.

Double Dragon – (1994)

Even though it did not hit the bullseye for some people, the fun, entertainment and creativity in the movie is amazing.

Wing Commander – (1999)

While not the best space adventure movie out there, it has interesting extraterrestrials.

If you’re a Sci-Fi guru, Wing Commander is a digital game movie you should not miss.

Hitman – (2007)

Some people do not view it as a great movie, but when playing the video game, it all makes sense.

If you like James Bond type of movies, this is a must see.

Need for Speed – (2014)

If you are looking for a race car movie, this is the easiest to understand. 

Also, similar to the game, you will see different muscle cars challenging each other.

In Conclusion

Even though many movies have not lived up to their game origins, there are a few that inspire gamers.

Video game movies have become so popular among casual and hard-core gamers it’s becoming a trend.

Let’s hope that movie studios can create awesome video game movies similar to the ones of Marvel Studios.

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