Best Modem Router Combo for Gaming – Reviews

Here’s our list for the best modem router combo for gaming and streaming.

Some people just want everything in one convenient package.

The good news is that a combination modem and router is a great way to limit the number of devices you have while getting all the speed you could want.

Look at these fantastic modem router combos.

Trends and popularity chart.

The Google Trends chart explains how popular these cable modems were in the past five years.

Learning about the product’s past is a good way to know more about its pros and cons.

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Best Modem Router Combo for Gaming

Best Modem Router Combo: NETGEAR C7000 AC 1900 Nighthawk Cable Modem

There are few modem solutions that are quite as well-known as the NETGEAR Nighthawk.

If you’re shopping for a modem, the Nighthawk is certainly an option that is going to pop up quite often.

Considering the ability to provide speeds for your Wi-Fi that max out at 1,900 Mbps, it’s really no wonder that this device is such a popular choice.

If you have an internet plan that offers 400 Mbps or less, the Nighthawk is a perfect choice.

Speed is the reason we chose to add this modem to our best modem router combo for gaming list.

It’s functions well alongside many of the big internet providers out there, so in most cases you’ll be able to get it set up with your ISP quite easily.

On top of that, it’s also worth knowing that the Nighthawk can fill spaces up to 1800 square feet with a strong Wi-Fi signal.

If you’re looking for something that will bring up your internet speeds, you really can’t go wrong with this device.

Speed and Internet Signal are Important

It provides everything you need, including both modem and router.

It’s a machine that doesn’t take long to install, so you’ll be able to enjoy the improved speeds in no time at all.

In part, this is due to the incredibly easy-to-navigate menus that make everything more accessible.

Once you’ve experienced the Nighthawk, it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back.

The speeds and signal power are much better than the rental modems you can get from most ISPs.

NETGEAR-C7000-AC-1900-Nighthawk-Cable-Modem-Price-Drops for the best modem router combo.

That means you’ll be saving money while getting more speed, stronger signals, and a better overall performance.

Although this device is well known for the speed it can provide, there are some who can find that they continue to have issues with streaming, anyway.

WiFi pauses can still plague those using the device, making it incredibly difficult to enjoy a movie or TV show.

On top of that, some have found that this device doesn’t work well with Spectrum.

If you’re a Spectrum user, you’ll want to make sure you can use this modem with them before purchasing it.

There can also be some cases where people who experience issues with the modem may not get the level of customer service they need.


Boosts Internet speeds

Easy installation

Simple menus

Stronger signals

More powerful than rental modems


Continued issues with WiFi

May not work with Spectrum

Trouble with customer service

Best Modem Router Combo: Motorola MT7711 Modem Router Combo 24X8

If you’re someone with a plethora of devices, it never hurts to have more than one band to use them on.

Between both of those bands, you’ll have access to 1,900 Mbps.

That’s a whole lot of speed to be able to enjoy, no matter what device you’re using.

While you’re shopping, you’ll also see that many other routers offer 8 or 16 downstream channels.

Meanwhile, this device offers 24.

That’s why this powerful modem deserves to be on the best modem router combo for gaming list.

In addition to that, there are also 8 upstream channels that help you with uploading things to the Internet.

When you purchase this device, you’ll also get three different uses from a single machine.

Not only will you get a powerful modem, but also a useful router and even a couple of ports designed to allow for phone access.

If you’re looking for a device that can replace that annoying rental modem, this is a fantastic solution.

Modem Rental Fees can get Expensive

You won’t need to worry about continuing to pay that rental fee and you’ll likely get better speeds.

On top of that, it’s a device that most people have an easy time installing.

In just a few steps, this machine will provide great speeds and reliable phone service.

Thanks to those speed boosts, worry about not using up the speed your plan allows will become a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to get everything you’re paying for, ensuring for reliable gaming and streaming.

Considering the ever-growing prices of rental modems, this is a device you’ll want to leap to for better service and lower prices.

If your ISP is Comcast, then this is a perfectly suitable choice.

However, it may not be the best option for other ISPs.

As a result, it’s a good idea to check with your internet provider before buying this device.

That way, you won’t have to purchase and return it if it doesn’t agree with your plan.

For those who are able to pair it up with their ISP, there are a few other problems that can pop up.

These include problems with slowing WiFi speeds and dropped connections.

These connection drops can also take place with regard to phone connections, making phone calls difficult.


Replaces rental modems well

Speedy installation

Provides greater internet value

Avoids rental modem price increases

Improves speeds


Only works with Comcast

Dropped phone/Internet connections

WiFi issues

Best Modem Router Combo: Netgear C6250 100NAS AC1600 Modem

The Netgear AC1600 is not only a great device for those who want boosted speeds and better overall internet, it’s also ideal for those who want solid parental controls.

Using these controls, you can keep your child from accessing websites that may contain material you don’t want them to see.

On top of that, you can even create special networks that allow guests to use your Internet.

These are some reasons we chose to add this modem to the best modem router combo for gaming .

When you want to get the most out of the speed possibilities, you can make use of the two Ethernet ports on this device.

Although the Wi-Fi speeds are nothing to sneeze at, connecting with a wire can ensure you get the most from the speeds available.

For all of your modem needs, you’ll also be able to use a convenient app to handle all the network needs from your phone.

Among the benefits the AC1600 provides, some people using this device in rural areas can note improved speed and an all-around better connection.

That’s something that isn’t always easy to reach when you’re out in the country.

On top of the great speeds, you’ll also get a fair price.

That’s something we’re all looking for, no matter where we live!

The AC1600 is easy to install, taking just a few minutes to get connected.

Because of that, it often takes half an hour at most to get back to browsing, streaming, and more.

A Large Network Needs a Reliable WiFi

You’ll also be able to enjoy the Wi-Fi all over the house, thanks to the great range that is offered by the device.

If you live in an exceptionally large house, you may want to double-check to make sure this device offers the right square footage for you.

No device is perfect, and that includes the AC1600. It can be guilty of sometimes dropping signals unexpectedly.

Netgear modem price drop for the best modem router combo.

If you’re in the middle of a streamed movie or intense gaming session, that can be a bit of a problem.

Watch out for this issue if you’re planning on purchasing this device.

Additionally, there may be problems with the WiFi becoming unresponsive.

You may notice that pages are suddenly taking longer to load when they didn’t have a problem before.

Otherwise, you may also discover that the modem just stops working without any apparent cause.


Great for rural areas

Durable design

Fairly priced

Great range

Easy setup


Dropped WiFi signals

May cease working unexpectedly

May freeze and need a reboot

Best Modem Router Combo: Motorola MG7550 Modem Router 16×4 WiFi

With maximum speeds of 686 Mbps, this Motorola is a device that will be able to provide you with plenty of speed and a reliable signal.

It offers two bands, which are made up of 2.4GHz and 5GHz options.

Because there are more bands, you’ll get more connectivity options for all of your devices and a higher level of effectiveness on each one.

That’s another reason why it landed in our best modem router combo for gaming list.

Furthermore, the Motorola provides 4 upstream channels which aid you in uploading information, and 16 designed for downstream to make downloading things easier.

Due to all the capabilities of this device, you can use it with internet plans that offer speeds at a max of 375 Mbps.

If that’s not enough to impress you, then the 2-year warranty may just provide the security you need to feel good about the purchase.

Not all devices work well for heavy internet users, but this isn’t a machine you’re likely to have a problem with.

Gamers Need a High-Speed Modem for Online Games

It can handle a great deal of use and keep up without an issue.

Many people who try it out also find that they see some incredible boosts in speed when compared to the rental modem speeds.

You’ll also save money with it over those rental fees.

A less expected benefit is that the device itself is incredibly durable.

It can handle falling, dropping or even being pulled off the shelf.

Typically, modems aren’t expected to move often.

We may not think about how durable the actual device is, but it’s nice to know that it is.

You never know when an accident might occur, leaving the device on the ground.

What is worth keeping in mind is that some people can find problems with the WiFi signal. 

The Internet connection may slow down and then it needs a reboot. 

Consequently, you might want to consider that if you’re looking to purchase this device.

On a less serious note, others can find that the device may begin to have trouble turning on after a few months.

There can also be problems with the signal dropping without obvious reason.

While these are smaller problems than WiFi, they can become quite annoying if they happen enough.


Great for heavy Internet use

Huge speed boosts

Highly durable

Great range


Issues with WiFi

Signal drops

Best Modem Router Combo: ARRIS SURFboard SBG6900 AC Docsis 3.0

Arris is another name you’ll see quite often on the modem market.

Often, these devices are sturdily built, reliable and capable of decent speeds.

When it comes to the Wi-Fi speeds alone, this Arris model will be able to provide up to 1,900 Mbps.

That’s an immense amount of speed that is sure to work well no matter how intense your game is.

Downloading won’t be slow either, with speeds that can reach a max of 686 Mbps.

Even though the Wi-Fi speeds are quite intense, you’ll still be able to get the most from that speed by using an Ethernet cord.

Intensity and speed qualifies this modem to be in our best modem router combo for gaming list.

This is a great option to use when you can for PCs, smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Most modems only offer one or two Ethernet ports, but this Arris device offers you 4.

Technology these days strives to be easy to set up and use.

The Arris is no different, offering an installation process that is quick and easy to follow.

Once you get the device set up, you’ll be able to enjoy a connection that is quicker and more reliable than many of the rental modems out there.

Check with your Providers before Getting a Modem

It’s also an option that is perfect for users who enjoy various internet services.

One of the most important benefits of this device is that it comes at a fair price.

Most of us don’t really need to pay hundreds of dollars for the most insane speeds.

Unless you’re a professional gamer, often devices like this one can work perfectly well.

Decent speeds at a reliable price is plenty for those of us who game casually and binge Netflix when we can.

However, some people who try out this Arris model may find that the WiFi/Router component drops signals.

Arris modem price drop for best modem router combo.

These are issues reported by a few customers, but most of these modems are defective from the factory.

On top of that, those who do experience problems with it can sometimes have difficulty getting the help they need from customer service.

Another issue people can have is the need to restart the device too often.

Most of the time, you should only need to restart a modem occasionally to keep up speeds and ensure great service.

However, some may find that they need to restart this device on a daily basis in order to keep it functioning.


Simple installation

Reliable connection

Fairly priced


WiFi/Router issues

Frequent reboots needed

Customer service difficulties

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