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10 Best Mobile Games for Kids (Educational and Fun)

Today, mobile games for kids have become very popular.

According to numerous studies, children aged 2 to 17 years play video games on smartphones and tablets.

In fact, most of them spend an average of six hours every week on their mobile devices playing games.

Some of the best mobile games for kids include:

Best mobile games for kids

1. Marble Mixer – it is a perfect game for both kids and adults. It is fun, simple and cheap.

2. Snail Bob 2 – another amazing game that parents can play with their kids. You can purchase this game for your Android and IOS.

3. Dragon Box Algebra – apart from being one of the best games for kids, it is an educational one as well. This is a game that you purchase to play.

4. Scribblenauts Remix – it is an amazing puzzle series that provide a great opportunity for kids to learn.

5. Wrestle Jump – it is a simple multiplayer game that is cheap and a good one for kids.

6. The Room – another pay to play game is The Room. This is among the best mobile games for kids.

7. Astro Duel – it is a game that splits two gamers against each other.

8. Bam fu – the game is a multiplayer that is fantastic for kids and adults. It is cheap, fun and educational as well.

9. Fruit Ninja – one of the best and oldest mobile games for kids. It is available for free.

10. Reverse Charades – another free mobile game for kids is Reverse Charades. It is a fantastic game for the entire family.

But there are several things about mobile games that make them popular.

Below are some reasons why many children love to play mobile games.

Why kids like mobile games

1. Portability

Maybe one of the main reasons why kids enjoy mobile games is because they are accessible.

Basically, we all have smartphones these days.

Hence, anyone from your small brother to your grandfather can download a game on his phone.

Even people who did not like the idea of digital games are now playing mobile games such as Candy Crush.

Happily, downloading a mobile game is effortless, painless and very cheap.

Actually, it takes seconds or a few minutes to download a mobile game.

In addition, mobile games are portable.

Whether you are inside a building, waiting for a bus or sitting in your backyard, you can easily enjoy your favorite game.

Mobile games such as Hero Academy or Angry Birds are some favorite games that most kids play.

2. Mobile games are user-friendly

Most mobile games are user-friendly. The developers of these games are making sure that the games can be played everywhere.

The games are simple, fun and do not require a lot of thinking.

Some games such as Cut the Rope are simple and feature very short levels that you can complete in seconds.

Also, the format is mobile-friendly. Even the games that seem complicated have easy controls for everyone to enjoy on every level.

3. Availability of quality games

Most people love mobile games because of the fun that comes with them.

But another benefit of mobile games is that you can play quality games on your smartphone.

It is possible to play a game that appears on video game consoles.

For example, most Nintendo games are now available on Android and IOS.

This means it is now possible to play high quality mobiles games while you travel.

4. Availability of free and cheap games

Another main reason why kids like mobile games is that they are cheap and some are free.

Actually, if a mobile game cost eight dollars or more, people find it expensive.

This is because there are many cheap and free games online.

A lot of games available on Google Play or the AppStore are free to play.

In addition, you do not need to buy other devices to play these games.

All you need is your smartphone and the internet to start playing.

One benefit of these games is that you unlock rewards as you gain experience playing.

And the more you play, the rewards keep getting better. Hence, kids enjoy quality games at a cheap price or absolutely free of charge.

5. Mobile games are fun

Actually, the main reason why children choose mobile games over console games is that they are fun.

Even if the games are free of charge, they are fun.

The developers of these games created them for entertainment to ensure everyone comes back for more.

Mobile games such as Minecraft, Candy Crush, Puzzle and Dragons are some biggest names in the mobile gaming world.

Why educational games are important?

Based on recent studies, children learn well by imitating. Kids can easily scan adult’s behaviors and try to do exactly what they see.

It is therefore important to create a good environment when your children are growing up.

One way to ensure your children acquire a positive attitude when growing up is providing them with educational games.

Apart from getting benefits of playing video games, children can learn from these games.

In addition, in this era of technology, a digital game is one of the easiest and the best way for a kid to understand the latest technology.

What are the dangers of mobile games?

Today, we all love to play mobile games because they are cheap and easily available.

Video game companies are using smartphones to ensure they reach both kids and adults.

In addition, with mobile games, it is now possible for women and non-gamers to get involved.

However, as the platform becomes popular, there are some risks that come with it.

Below are some dangers of mobiles games.

Distractions – one of the dangers of mobile games is the distraction when performing important activities such as working in an office or driving.

Some mobile games send alerts whenever the player is not playing.

Loss of productivity – whether in school or at work, mobile games are very tempting.

Kids, teenagers, and adults may ignore important activities just to play their favorite games. This can lead to loss of productivity.

Sleep problems – research shows that most kids love to play mobile games at night when no one is supervising them.

This can lead to disruptions in their sleep patterns.

It is believed that mobile games have prevented kids from getting proper rest.

Overspending – even though some games are free, so people find themselves spending a lot of money to play a game.

In some games you can pay with real money to move to the next level or to acquire more complex games.

Addiction – since most of these games are free or very cheap, they are also highly addictive.

Some kids take their smartphones to school to keep playing their favorite games.

Final Thoughts

Mobile games are fun, cheap and you can also find good ones.

However, moderation is important to ensure kids choose the right games to play at the right time.

Since many modern mobile games offer a chance to play with family members, it’s easier for parents to monitor what their kids play.

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