Best Cable Modem for Gaming – Reviews

This guide will help you choose the best cable modem for gaming.

There are some choices to make when it comes to gaming.

The kind of modem you choose can have a big impact on the signals and speeds you achieve.

Some gamers have a preference for cable modems.

For those people, the following are a selection of some fantastic cable modems to take a look at.

The Popularity of these cable modems over the past five years.

The Google Trends chart explains how many people searched on Google for these devices.

Also, trends and popularity on items can help educate consumers about the product.

Note: I excluded the other two cable modems because of lack of data or trends to display.

Best Cable Modem for Gaming Reviews

Best Cable Modem for Gaming: MOTOROLA MB7220 Cable Modem 343 Mbps

Not everyone needs the best possible speeds for gaming.

These days, even the internet speeds we deem to be on the lower end of the spectrum are actually still quite fast.

Consequently, most will find that even a modem like this Motorola can provide plenty of speed with the ability to handle up to 343 Mbps.

The speed is the reason why this modem is in the best cable modem for gaming list.

Unless you’re using up a ton of bandwidth, this is an amount that will typically work just fine for most people.

You might find yourself wondering what the 8 x 4 addition to the name means.

This basically lets you know how many channels the modem is able to offer.

The beginning number is typically the amount of “downstream” channels or channels that bring information from the depths of the Internet.

Meanwhile, the latter number represents the “upstream” channels that deliver information to the Internet.

Because this is one of the less flashy options, it’s a modem that includes a fairer price than some others on the market.

Price Drop Timeline

Motorola modem for the best cable modem for gaming.

There really aren’t many of us who need or want something with too much speed and too high a cost.

That makes it quite suitable to those who want a middle ground between paying that monthly rental fee to your ISP and purchasing a costly modem that provides more than you may need.

Furthermore, most find that this is a modem that is incredibly easy to install.

Just plug it in as needed, verify things with your ISP, and you’ll be ready to go.

For those who have an older model that will no longer work for their internet needs, this is definitely a suitable option to use as a replacement.

Because it is a model with fewer bells and whistles, there can also be some problems with speed.

It may not be the best choice if you are a heavy internet user and need the speed to be able to keep up with your usage.

It can help to consider just how often you’re using the internet, and how intensively.

There can also be situations in which the modem received simply doesn’t work right out of the box.

While this can be a frustrating situation, it’s something that can happen with nearly any kind of technology.

Make sure you can easily return the model or get a replacement if needed.

For product support go to Motorola Support and search for additional help resources.


  • Very quick to install
  • Works well with Comcast
  • Saves money on rental costs
  • Fairly priced
  • Great replacement for old models


  • Low speeds
  • Defective units
  • May not work with all ISPs

Best Cable Modem for Gaming: TP-Link TC-7620 DOCSIS 3.0 (16×4) Cable Modem

Another reliable choice among the best cable modems for gaming comes from the TP-Link brand.

This particular model is an ideal choice for those who don’t need a ton of speed, but who prefer a middle-ground option.

It’s suitable for those who use ISPs like Spectrum, Comcast, Charter or another big-name brand.

Just make sure to check with your ISP to make sure the device will work before you make the purchase.

Using Docsis 3.0, this is a modem that can offer quite a bit of speed.

It also offers 16 channels designed for pulling information from the Internet and 4 that will aid in getting information to the Internet.

This is something that can help to ensure you get faster download speeds and have an easier time with streaming, gaming, and just browsing the web. It’s a helpful resource to have.

Among those who have used this modem, many have found that it really allows them to get the value from their internet speeds that they just aren’t able to get otherwise.

Price Drop Timeline

TP Link Chart for the best cable modem for gaming.

Additionally, it’s something that is very easy to install, often taking about half an hour or less to get running.

You’re also likely to find that the speeds you get are sure to improve when compared to what you get from the rental option.

You can also trust that this little device won’t become an eyesore.

For those who prefer to keep their modem somewhat hidden, the compact design of this model will allow you to place it just about anywhere you may need to.

If you’re not concerned with hiding it, you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t an ugly device, so it won’t stand out too much.

An issue worth keeping in mind with this model is that it can experience problems with heat dissipation.

As a result, it can end up running quite hot.

Keeping it next to a fan or near another cooling device can help with this issue, but it’s still worth considering if you’re interested in the model.

Connectivity problems can also become a struggle with this device.

That can include things like slowing speeds and dropped Wi-Fi connections.

These aren’t common issues, but they are ones that can be very annoying when they pop up.


  • Provides more value for your internet package
  • Setup is easy
  • Greatly improves internet speeds
  • Compact
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Heat dissipation issues
  • Connectivity problems
  • Dropped connections

Best Cable Modem for Gaming: D Link DCM 301 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

The D-Link is another modem that provides just the amount of speed most people need for streaming, internet browsing and casual gaming.

Those who consider themselves top-of-the-line gamers may reach for something with higher speeds, but most of us really don’t want to pay for a level of speed we won’t actually be using.

It’s also ideal for gamers who are on a tighter budget.

Like many of the modems in the best cable modem for gaming list, this is an option that works well with most of the big ISP brands.

That includes options like Time Warner, Comcast and more.

As long as you verify the device with your ISP, there shouldn’t be a problem getting it set up.

Furthermore, keep in mind that this device offers you a modem only.

You’ll still need to get a router to pair with it if you want Wi-Fi.

One of the aspects people tend to like about this model is that the lights on it are quite minimal.

As a result, it won’t be as distracting or intrusive as some other modems out there.

It’s also a device that is quite compact, making it easy to place just about anywhere you may find convenient.

Price Drop Timeline

D Link modem chart for the best cable modem for gaming.

For those who frequently stream their movies and shows this little modem can be a suitable companion to keep you from having to deal with buffering pauses.

Instead, you get to watch your favorite things all the way through, avoiding a lot of frustration.

In addition to the quick installation, you’ll be able to enjoy those shows and movies in no time at all!

That said, it may not be the best choice for those who want a modem that won’t be an eyesore.

This is definitely a machine made more with function in mind than style. For many, that’s not a problem.

Not many people purchase a modem because it’s pretty, though it certainly can help.

Furthermore, it may not offer enough power for those who game and stream frequently.

Some people can find that it just doesn’t offer the signal reliability to handle heavier internet users.

Consequently, it can be an ideal choice for those who want something for more casual use.


  • Quick installation
  • Compact
  • Minimal imposing lights
  • Improved streaming performance
  • Works with many ISPs


  • Not as attractive as other models
  • Lacks power
  • Signal problems

Best Cable Modem for Gaming: ARRIS Surfboard SB6183 Cable Modem 686 Mbps

The Arris SB6183 is a reliable device capable of providing you with speeds that are more than enough for most activities like streaming, gaming and browsing.

At the maximum, you’ll be able to achieve speeds on this modem that reach 686 Mbps.

Therefore, we had to add this amazing modem to the best cable modem for gaming list.

While that might not be the quickest of the modem speeds out there, it’s definitely a lot considering the price point.

With this device, you’ll also be able to use 4 upstream channels, which work to deliver data towards the Internet rather than drawing it away.

When it comes to channels that bring you data, there are 16 available for this modem.

As a result, you’ll be able to rely on the download speeds and ability to stream without having to pause every few minutes to buffer.

There are many out there who are looking for modems at a fair cost.

This is an option that provides fair pricing while getting rid of those annoying rental modem costs.

Those who have paired this modem with Comcast Internet have found that the combination tends to work very well.

Considering that they are one of the largest internet service options on the market, it’s good to know you can buy a modem that is sure to work with them.

Additionally, even those who aren’t technologically inclined will be able to get this modem replaced.

Price Drop Timeline

Arris Surfboard modem timeline.

Most are able to complete the process within a matter of minutes.

You’re also likely to find that this device allows you to get more from your internet, achieving the speeds that the plan promises.

Although these tend to be great models overall, some units can deal with a particularly troublesome issue.

This includes an inability to cool effectively, meaning that the modem may end up getting hot.

In some cases, this can even result in the scent of burning plastic, which can definitely be alarming.

On top of that, some can experience problems with the signal dropping at random.

Often, this issue begins after a few months of use. In more serious cases, the modem may cease working entirely.

Consequently, it’s wise to become familiar with what the warranty covers before buying this model.


  • Fair pricing
  • Works well for Comcast users
  • Improves internet speeds while saving money
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Simple setup


  • Can run hot
  • Dropped signals
  • May stop working after just a few months of use

Best Cable Modem for Gaming: Zoom Cable Modem 5345 Fast 343 Mbps

While this may not be one of the more popular names on the technology market, it’s certainly one that you can rely on.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking to support a smaller brand rather than the larger, highly successful brands out there.

With the ability to provide up to 343 Mbps in speed, you won’t have a problem with a use that isn’t extremely heavy.

Speeds up to 343 Mbps can handle large tasks, that’s why it’s in the best cable modem for gaming list.

Additionally, the Zoom will provide you with four channels designed for upstream use, and eight for downstream.

These just ensure that you can upload and download without too many issues.

You’ll also be able to use this modem with many of the big ISPs such as Bright House, Comcast and more.

In combination with DOCSIS 3.0 technology, you’re sure to get plenty of speed and efficiency from this modem.

Price Drop Timeline

Zoom modem timeline chart.

The Zoom modem is sure to provide you with reliable service without too high a cost.

If you’re dealing with problems like dropped connections or speeds below what your plan claims, this may be the perfect solution to get you back on track and fully enjoying the internet.

You’ll also find that this modem is easy to place in your house because it’s very compact and pleasing to the eye.

It won’t stand out like a sore thumb wherever you place it, which is a nice bonus to the performance.

While it may not have the highest speeds, it can definitely improve speeds over rented modems.

That said, if you’re looking for something that will work well with Comcast phone service, you may want to check with your ISP to make sure this device will absolutely work.

There are some who have experienced problems getting their phone service to function well with this modem.

On top of that, some units can be defective.

That means that they either cease working over time, or end up dropping connections more often the longer you own it.

This is worth keeping in mind before you decide to purchase this model.


  • Inexpensive
  • Stops dropped connections
  • Compact design
  • Saves money over renting
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • May not work for Comcast phone service
  • Can stop working after a few months
  • Defective units

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