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Banned Video Games in America: A Short List


Even though there is freedom of expression in America, it is guaranteed under the Constitution. Developers need to be careful when designing or promoting video games and releasing them to the public.

What are the reasons video games get banned in America?

In America, it is very rare for a video game to get banned. But there are some reasons that can lead to banning of a game.

For instance, a video game can be banned for promoting the killing of innocent people.

This can influence children and teenagers to become violent or murderers. Others are banned for promoting rape, theft and many others negative behaviors.

Some of these influences can affect children and society. Cities, individuals, and courts have stepped up to cancel, recall or even ban video games considered unsuitable for the audience.

What determines proper audience in the gaming industry?

Determining audience in the entertainment field is not an easy task. For instance, movies are rated G to NC-17.

This helps parents choose the appropriate content for their children. When it comes to video games, the rating system is a bit complicated.

The board assigned to determine ratings for digital games is a self-regulatory-body.

The main work for the board is to ensure video games are rated according to the content available. Below are some video games that have been banned by the board in America.

10 Banned Video Games in America

1. The Guy Game

Young boys will do anything to see beautiful women remove their clothes. In some video games, you can play to have a woman strip for you.

The Guy Game is a game that was seen to be promoting pornographic content to young people.

Gamers were asked to predict how poorly dressed women would answer some questions. If they predicted right, they were rewarded with a real person stripping.

But after its release, one of the ladies featured on the game sued the developers since she was only 17 when she undressed for the camera.

The video game was banned for promoting child pornography.

2. RapeLay

The title of this video game betrayed the entire story. This controversial digital game was developed and released in 2006.

But even before it was launched to the public, there was a lot of misunderstanding of why someone would develop a game with bad intentions.

RapeLay is a video game that makes the player a sexual predator. You are trailing to force a mother and her 2 daughters to have sex with you.

Apart from America, RapeLay was banned in many other countries after its release. Even though you can play it online, it is rated AO, this means you cannot find it in retail stores.

3. Manhunt 2

There are several titles under Rockstar Games that have been banned for promoting bad vices.

Manhunt 2 is a video game that has been banned in many countries which includes America, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Kuwait, Iceland and South Korea.

The game is a survival horror game with horrific scenes that could’not get a rating. The developers want back to add some filters but the edited version was banned as well.

4. Postal 2

Even though there are many video games that get banned, most people believe that Postal 2 deserved the prohibition.

It promoted bad activities that were not good for anyone playing the game. The player is given the options of committing violent acts to the public.

5. EA Sports MMA

To many people, there could be no good reason for banning a sport video game. But EA sports tried to make some good money without the UFC license.

Even though it featured legends with many positive reviews, the sales were very poor. Many people did not want to associate themselves with a video game that did not have the UFC name.

It was banned because it featured illegal advertisements before the action fights.

6. Bully

Another banned digital game from Rockstar Games is Bully. It was encouraging young adults to bully other kids in school.

The story was about an English boy that was able to start fights and trouble with other students in school.

Many countries did not like this idea and it was banned shortly after its release.

Many governments believed the game would send the wrong message to students.

7. Command & Conquer: Generals

For a video game to be banned in America and other countries, it does not have to contain sexual or violent scenes.

If you think it is fun and entertaining to blow-up a country, think again.

Command & Conquer: Generals was released in 2006. The idea behind the game was that players can choose a country to attack.

Even though it was doing well in Asian countries, it was not allowed in America. The weapons, the ideas and the whole story backfired.

8. Death Race

For people who are aware of the game Death Race, it cannot be compared with other violent video games.

To many people, Death Race is harmless and charming video game. But the entire idea of the game was to drive and run over pedestrians.

Though it was banned after some time, it wasn’t as bad as other games banned in America.

9. Baby Shaker

Playing video games with your smartphone phone or tablet is easy and very simple.

The Baby Shaker digital game was not received well because many people believed it was promoting child abuse.

The game encourages players to silence a crying baby by shaking the phone. By shaking, the baby would get Red-Xs over the eyes.

That meant the baby was dead. A Brain Injury Foundation created awareness about the video game and even wrote a letter criticizing how Baby Shaker made a joke about the dead baby.

The game publishers and creators immediately pulled-out the game from the market.

10. Thrill Kill

Another video game banned due to violence and horrible fighting is Thrill Kill. Most people did not like the idea of the story.

Also, the title of the game did not look good to the public-eye. The players were sent to hell, and they had to fight each other to come back to earth.

They had to come up with fighting strategies such as beating-up, killing or ripping off their opponents hands.

In Conclusion

Bad game ideas can influence people, including children to act in inappropriate ways. Game developers must learn to create games that educate people.

Games do not necessarily have to be violent to be good, a mix of problem solving and strategies can make a video game successful.




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