Autism and Video Games: A Clever Combination

There is a continuous debate about autism and video games in the gaming industry.

However, many games and apps have been developed to help kids with various conditions such as dyslexia, concentration issues, and autism.

Happily, both parents and children diagnosed with autism have seen how games can become a great source of education, encouragement, and fun.

Developers of these games have discovered that involving children suffering from autism with video games is helping them with their symptoms.

What is Autism?

Autism is a condition that affects the way children or people interact with the environment and to other people.

Most of the people suffering from autism have learning or communication challenges and need continued specialist support.

Individuals with autism have rare sensual interests such as staring at moving objects, learning problems, and difficulty in social communication.

Apart from communicating problems, they have difficulties understanding what other people feel or think.

This makes it hard to express themselves through words or gestures.

A kid with autism is in most cases pained or troubled by smells, touches, lights or sounds that might be normal to other people.

They try to avoid everyday textures and sounds that include vacuum cleaners and hair dryers among other sounds.

According to research, autism affects more boys than girls.

Luckily, more boys are involved in gaming than girls.

Treatment for Autism

Treatment for autism differs from other disorders that affect children when they are growing up.

This is because it involves all the senses that include seeing, healing, thinking and touching.

However, there is no evidence that there is a cure for the condition.

Today, getting involved in video games is one of the best approaches for helping children with autism.

Several studies have proved that kids affected by conditions such as autism focus a lot when playing games.

This can help to improve social interactions and their communication skills.

Autism and Video games

When kids with autism play games such as Pokemon, they feel engaged.

Gaming also helps them improve their social interaction.

Playing action games provides an opportunity for shared interests and joint attention among peers.

Research shows that children with autism might have unusual or unique interests different from their peers.

However, gaming gives them a platform for shared activities.
There are also several video games developed for people with autism.

How Video Games Help People with Autism

Children with autism are inflexible in problem-solving.

They face mental problems when solving particular issues in school or in life.

But when they play games, they are forced to think and come up with solutions.

This is because the nature of gaming requires flexibility and learning through mistakes.

Playing games is an excellent way to help children with autism.

The inspiration stimulated by video games and willingness to move on even after losing helps to develop problem-solving skills.

Being able to handle failures and frustrations makes it better for kids with autism to learn from their mistakes.

People with autism can also experience issues with fine-motor coordination.

Happily, gaming requires players to have fine-motor skills to use the mouse and the keyboard correctly.

Below are some best autism online games.

Five Autism Online Games

If you have noticed that your child has some autism symptoms, there are many online video games that can help.

Fortunately, you can get most of these games online for free or at a cheap price.

All you need is to download the software application or games to your phone or computer and start playing.

The games are simple and straightforward, especially for young kids.

They have developed these games to help kids improve their reading, learning, creativity and spelling skills.


Minecraft is among the best video games for kids with autism.

It is a game that encourages communication and cooperation.

Kids can gain skills like flexibility, goal setting, self-control and regulation of effect.

Draw Something 2

This mobile game is among the most recommended games for children with autism.

Since it uses the device touchscreen, it is one of the best games for fine-motor skill development.

It is compatible with several devices.

When playing the game, they require the gamer to draw phrases, terms, and references.

Portal 2

Similar to Mindcraft, Portal 2 is one of the most popular learning video games.

It is a game that encourages flexibility and experimentation.

In addition, Portal 2 is a game that provides a chance for kids to exercise social skills, communication, self-control, and self-awareness.

New Super Mario Bros

This is another game that works well for children with autism.

It is engaging and requires the player to become fully involved.

Players exercise motor skills and it challenges them to work cooperatively to finish the tasks provided.


The other famous learning game is called IF.

It is a game that helps kids exercise emotional and social learning skills.

We can translate some of these game lessons to the real world.

However, the outcome mainly depends on the choices the gamer makes.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the relationship between autism and video games can improve someone’s health.

Children with autism enjoy playing video games with their friends and relatives.

This is because playing games helps them share their interests and communicate with other children their age.

Playing games also helps them improve social skills and to learn several problems-solving tactics.

Besides, when children with autism play games with their peers, it provides them with an opportunity to excel.

It also increases the level of interaction with others.

Hence, parents and teachers need to know that kids with autism need different learning structures and environments than normal children.

Luckily, with digital games and other learning resources, kids will gain needed skills easily.

For instance, video games can help boost motivation.

Compared to other teaching methods, gaming is one of the best ways to help children with autism feel motivated.

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