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Asus Monitor

ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 1ms (GTG) HDMI Monitor

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The ASUS VG248QE Monitor Review





Watching your video games on high refresh ratings is probably the best feature on the ASUS VG248QE gaming monitor. Every other feature on this monitor is very similar to gaming monitors on the market.


Refresh Rating of 144Hz

HDMI, DVI-D, Ports


Easy to Assemble


High refresh ratings aren't compatible with all games

It's a few years old.


Things to Know about the ASUS VG248QE Gaming Monitor

The ASUS VG248QE gaming monitor is a great monitor if you have games that allow high refresh ratings. Since not all games have the same specifications and hardware requirements, some games don't play on high refresh ratings.

Changing the refresh rating every time you play a different game can be annoying and will frustrate lots of players. Therefore, it's essential to find out if your favorite games can run on high refresh ratings.

Everything else on the ASUS VG248QE is standard and found on similar gaming monitors. As a result, the refresh rating of 144Hz is what makes it unique.


Playing Video Games with the ASUS VG248QE

If you're able to run your video games on high refresh ratings, you're going see sharp images. Due to its compatibility with NVIDIA 3D, you are going to see significant videos and animations. While playing games, you will see the difference immediately.

With the ASUS gaming monitor, you will be able to increase your screen resolution to (1920x1080). At the same time, check to see if your video game can handle high resolutions.

I've had this monitor for over a year and it hasn't given any problems. In conclusion, check your games for compatibility before buying this or any other gaming monitor.

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