Asus Optical Drive 24x DVD: For a PC Review


The Asus optical drive 24x DVD is a standard CD and DVD burner.

It reads information from a CD which includes files, images, and other formats.

With this optical disk, you can record information on CD or DVD’s.

The ASUS DVDRW optical drive is a standard CD and DVD player with the capabilities to record and erase both disks.

Don’t expect this optical drive to be anything else than a regular drive to view files or play video games.


  • Can read both CDs and DVD’s
  • Can record on both CDs and DVD’s
  • Operates smooth and silent
  • Easy to install


  • The ASUS brand label does not appear on the drive
  • On some PC towers, the optical drive may have to be placed in the bottom slot
  • A few years old

Exploring the ASUS optical Drive

The ASUS optical drive is your standard drive that reads content in your CD or DVD’s.

I’ve had this drive for over a year, and I have no problems with it.

I bought it mainly to watch movies and to download CD drivers that come with my computer hardware.

You can still download game files and play games with this optical drive.

There are many more features that the ASUS DVDRW optical drive has like fast DVD writing speeds of 24X. It also provides disc encryption that secures your documents with passwords and hidden files.

The ASUS optical drive has a neat feature that allows you to save energy when you’re not using the drive.

While the drive is not in use, a program called e-green closes the drive’s software to save you energy.

I had no problem installing this drive into my Rosewill Thor PC tower.

However, I did run into a small discrepancy when trying to fix it in the top drive slot.

Examining the Asus DVDRW Drive

The top drive slot in my PC tower was close to the tower’s main cable directory.

Due to the excess cables running in that area, I couldn’t slide the drive all the way to the rear.

Since I didn’t have any room to slide the optical drive to the rear, I moved it near the mother board’s connectors.

As a result, my optical drive ended in the bottom slot of my ATX full tower which was OK.

Most noteworthy is that the product description does not mention anything about Windows 10 compatibility.

The report states that its compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

My computer runs on a 64bit Windows 10 operating system, and this optical drive works flawlessly.

Probably the original software may be outdated and may not work for Windows 10.

Initially, when I bought the Asus optical drive 24x DVD, it didn’t come with any software.

Windows 10 automatically installed the recommended drivers for my PC.

Final Verdict

The ASUS optical drive is an excellent choice for video game players that need an essential DVD burner.

If you’re looking for a professional optical drive, make sure you check that it’s compatible with Windows 10.