Are Video Games Good for you? (Live Longer)

Adults ask this one important question, are video games good for you?

Many parents dislike digital games, however, the industry has become a permanent part of society.

With advancements in technology, we can safely say it is now a part of us.

But the discussion whether digital games are good or bad is not a topic that will end soon.

Unhappily, most people especially parents and teachers believe games cause health problems.

Though there is no scientific evidence to prove their points, they continue to associate video games with bad habits.

So, are video games good or bad for you?

After several mass-shootings in school and in different social places, everybody blamed the increase of game products.

Even though it is human nature to blame someone whenever there is a problem, video games are a soft target.

Fortunately, more professional studies have been carried out to determine whether video games are good or bad.

Some people believe that gaming can hinder children to learn.

Also, making them aggressive affecting their mental and physical health.

But researchers have discovered that video games are good for mental and physical health.

Below are some reasons that make gaming good for you and your children.

12 Reasons video games are good for you

1. Gaming can slow down the aging process

Although it is hard to believe, gaming can slow down aging.

Gaming is a fun activity that can be carried out by both young and adults.

We can also classify it as a great mental exercise.

To maintain good health, and to feel younger, your body and brain need to exercise.

According to research, playing video games is one of the best exercises for the brain.

Health experts also believe that performing tasks that require exercising your mind can help people.

For example, you think faster, react quicker and stay focused longer.

2. Video games reduce stress

When you engage in a game, your mind finds relief.

Gaming can help you reduce stress, anger, and depression.

Based on recent studies, people who love gaming have a stable heart-rate.

3. Helps to improve decision-making

When someone is playing an action game, we need to think.

These games can affect your ability to decide.

Violent video games help people to think fast and improve their decision-making.

As a result, they can come up with great problem-solving strategies.

4. Games can lessen pain

For many kids and young adults, the best mechanism to lessen pain is distracting their minds.

If you are in pain, you need to focus your mind somewhere else.

By paying full-attention to a video game, it can help to lessen the pain.

5. Gaming can help improve eyesight

According to health experts it is not good to spend many hours looking at the screen.

But, studies show that playing video games can help your eyesight.

Whether you are playing using your phone or the computer, gaming is beneficial.

But it is important to avoid spending long hours because it can damage your eyes.

One benefit of gaming is that it helps you to differentiate between shades and colors.

It can benefit people who normally drive at night.

6. Video-games can make you physical

There are some video-games that can make you physical.

Whether you are playing with your smartphone or a console, playing a video game is considered a physical activity.

For example, there are basketball, tennis and football video games.

By playing them, you gain skills to apply in real life.

7. Gaming makes people social

For people who are antisocial, gaming is a great activity that can make you social.

It provides confidence and helps to inspire people.

People who spend hours gaming might be afraid to talk or socialize with unknown people.

Happily, playing video games can make them social.

Also, players taking part in community social events that are friendly and can communicate with more people than non-gamers.

Research also shows that a video-game player can form a strong relationship than a non-player.

8. Games can help people overcome dyslexia

According to some studies, one cause of dyslexia is attention difficulties.

If a patient can engage himself with mind enhancing activities such as playing video games, they can easily overcome the problem.

A game helps to change the environment to help the gamer focus more.

9. Digital games improve learning abilities

Some people believe gaming is an activity for lazy people or children who do not want to study.

For instance, a parent can prevent her children to play video games because she believes they will start performing poorly in school.

But studies show that gaming is an interactive activity that can enhance learning.

There are several types of games that need constant thinking for the player to advance.

If you have ever played an action game, decision-making skills are very important.

Hence, digital games can improve learning capabilities just like storybooks.

10. Enhance hand-to-eye coordination

If you are a surgeon, you need exercises that can help improve your hand-to-eye coordination.

According to recent studies, surgeons who love gaming are likely to be better in their tasks than non-gamers.

11. Digital games can boost your career

Some games help players advance their leadership skills.

They engage in better activities that help keep the mind busy.

People who love gaming show a connecting motivation while choosing their careers.

12. Helps patients recover faster from a disease

Digital games can help cancer patients, especially children.

There are certain games that teach children about forms of diseases.

They help kids identify their medications, the best time to take them and the best physical activities to undertake.

Bottom line

Video games are good for you if we play them right.

For children to grow well, smarter and mature, it is essential for them to be exposed to many video games.

They also become responsible, inspired and more focused.

Before buying a game for your child, do some research and check the game rating.

Some games are focused on adult content and are rated M for mature.

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