Are Video Games a Waste of Time?


One huge misconception about video games is that they are a waste of time. More than 50 percent of parents believe that buying or engaging in a video game is a waste of time.

According to elderly people and society at large, entertainment falls under two categories. There is the good entertainment and the bad entertainment.

The good entertainment involves reading books, exercising or playing darts and chess. The bad entertainment involves surfing the internet, watching TV and playing video games.

Why some people believe video games are a waste of time?

Physical activities such as exercising can enhance your physic and fitness, and reading books can improve your imagination and vocabulary, but what is the benefit of playing games?

Many people are not aware that playing video games has its own benefits.

It is true that video games cannot provide similar benefits as workouts, but they can provide great advantages.

According to recent studies, more than half-a-billion people around the world are playing video games at least for one hour every day.

One of the main reasons why video games have become popular is that they are fulfilling human needs. They teach, inspire and engage both children and adults.

This means video games are not a waste of time. For example, when you play an exciting video game, you become more creative, more optimistic and more focused.

You are also likely to set ambitious targets and be ready to face life challenges.

Also, when playing a multiplayer game, you learn how to be more collaborative and you are likely to understand the benefits of helping each other.

Actually, you learn how to trust other people while completing tasks in a digital game.

Why playing video games is not a waste of time?

Video games have become part of the society. You will find people playing video games at home, school and even at the bus stop.

Most elderly people associate video games with laziness or a waste of time. They believe that there are many other ways of spending leisure time than playing a video game.

Though there are many ways to relax, video gaming has its positive and negative effects. But just like anything else in life, gaming is a form of entertainment that needs moderation.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you need to know when to play and when to say no. Below are some reasons why video gaming is not a waste of time.

Reasons why video gaming is important

1. Video games inspire

To many people, gaming is an activity that inspires. Some people would be different without the experience of playing video games.

You become a creative individual when you engage in gaming.

With the advancement of technology, games can inspire you through the landscape, stories, writing, soundtracks and many other features.

For instance, when you become a hero in a video game, it can inspire you to be a better person.

When you enjoy the moments of role-playing, exploring, and being someone else, the game can inspire you to become a “Hero” or someone respectable in society.

Gaming inspires people to be great thinkers and to feel better. After playing a video game, you always feel ready to face the world and create something different.

2. You can learn history from gaming

If you are a fan of action video games, you can learn history from gaming. For instance, you can get good information about World-War II from several games.

Even though it is a multiplayer game, your kids can learn about history and knowledge from these games.

Children can learn the names of famous battles, what happened in each battle and the weapons used during the war.

They can also learn about the automobiles used and the crafts of every country during the war period.

There are other video games that teach technology advancement, discovery, ancient quotes and much more.

This means some games offer history lessons together with fun and entertainment.

3. Video games can teach sports

If you are a fan of gaming, you can learn many things about sports. There are some people who only understand various sports through gaming.

Even though you might not understand sports like the real athletes, you can get the details. Sports such as soccer play a very significant role in every nation’s culture.

It is therefore essential to be familiar with some sports and its culture as well.

There are many people, especially girls who can learn about football through video games.

4. Video gaming is a therapy

After a long day at school or at work, playing your favorite video game can provide the therapy your mind needs.

You can escape the real world and enter a different world where you get inspired and motivated.

So, whether you’re suffering from depression, a tough relationship, long working days or life hardships, it is nice to play a game and forget about our troubles.

Just leave your negative feelings, stress and other bad feelings behind your computer screen and dip yourself into something different from the real world.

Video gaming is like reading a good book. You can escape and become relaxed with a new perception.

5. Playing video games can bring people together

When you see people playing video games you may think that they are lonely, lazy and dull. But this is not the case.

Video gaming is an art and an exciting form of entertainment. So often you will see your kids come together to play a video game.

No matter what happened before, they will leave the past behind and enjoy a game.

They can sit for hours or even the whole day playing a football video game together. They will scream, and laugh and enjoy everything that the game has to offer.


Playing a video game is not a waste of time. It is an amazing pastime for children and adults. It is an important activity that every parent should embrace.

Also, parents must learn and understand about gaming to make it safe, fun and encouraging for their kids.

With the parent’s involvement, unsafe digital games can be avoided and children will be able to benefit from all the great features a video game provides.




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