Are Seniors Playing Video Games for a Challenge?

In a modern world full of a brand new technology, seniors are playing video games.

Gaming is no longer an activity for kids and teenagers alone.

Today, a good percentage of elderly people are engaged in gaming.

Apart, from enjoying playing video games, seniors also reap many benefits from gaming.

Playing games can work wonders for physical and mental health for the elderly.

Happily, playing a game is not a difficult task.

Senior persons can easily adapt to new technology and even make it a hobby to play digital games.

The percentage of elderly people playing games has risen from 9 percent in 1999 to 50 percent in 2018.

This means everyone, even the elderly know of the benefits of video games.

Are seniors playing video games?

Gaming has shown to provide many health benefits to both children and adults.

Playing video games can help increase happiness, improve mental capabilities, and help to build happy relationships.

Whether you are a kid, a teenager, an adult or an older person, gaming is an activity that can benefit you.

Playing a video game means downloading one on your mobile gadget, installing one on your PC or buying a physical game to play.

If you are an elderly person just getting started, there are many game genres to choose.

The good news is that when you search online, you can find best gaming products for any age.

What games are seniors and adults playing?

Based on research, adults and senior citizens love to play educational video games.

Contrary to the violent ones that are loved by kids and teenagers.

Around 52 percent of the elderly people play games that test their memory and logic skills.

Also, studies show that elderly people who are engaged in gaming have an excellent hand-to-eye coordination.

This is because of the ability to watch the screen and moving the controller or the keyboard.

For elderly people, video games provide joy similar to physical activities.

They love to play popular cards and board games that are offered on digital platforms.

How video games can benefit elderly people

Over the years, studies have discovered many benefits of playing video games.

Here are some main benefits of gaming available to elderly people.

1. Happier Lives

Elderly people over the age of 63 report higher levels of emotional satisfaction after playing games.

They conducted research to compare psychological functions between seniors who played video games and those who did not play.

The study found that game players were more social and happier than non-gamers.

It was also noted that the mood of gamers improved significantly after playing games.

One major difference was that non-gamers reported higher levels of depression, stress, and negative emotions.

2. Gaming can help improve walking speed and balance

Apart from senior citizens being happy, gaming is a healthy activity that helps them improve walking speed and balance.

When they play games, it requires them to pay visual-attention and make quick decisions.

This shows that gaming can enhance physical performance.

They tested an elderly home care center.

The research found that seniors who engaged themselves with digital games for an hour every day or 3 times a week had improvements in speed compared to non-gamers.

The study concluded that gaming can help enhance their walking speed and balance.

3. Playing video games increases intellectual abilities

Most elderly people have poor cognitive-focus and spatial abilities.

But during gaming, they can improve these skills, according to research.

In later studies, elderly people aged 60 to 77 years played strategy games for at least two hours a day for 2 weeks.

After that period, they discovered that gamers scored very well in their cognitive skills than non-gamers.

Gaming also improved their moods and could decide faster than before.

Hence, if you feel your cognitive abilities are weakening, gaming might be a good solution.

4. Gaming can reverse brain aging

Another benefit of gaming for seniors is that it can reverse brain aging.

This is something many studies have proven.

A funding discovered that participants between 60 and 85 years old who played multi-player games for 12 hours in a month improved their performance.

Senior citizens improved so much that they could easily beat gamers who were playing the game for the first time.

Also, the elder’s attention span and memory capacity increased while playing games.

It also allowed them to maintain the newly advanced brain functions six months after the study.

5. Playing video games helps to increase mental flexibility

Apart from engaging your mind and hands, gaming forces the player to switch quick between several tasks.

They require the gamer to be swift and accurate when deciding.

This makes the brain flexible and remains nimble.

6. Gaming helps to reduce stress and increases social time

Since video games engage the brain, they can reduce stress.

The elderly should play games at various points during the day and at night if they have trouble sleeping.

Also, gaming is a great activity for the seniors to come become social.

When playing multi-player games, they form groups and play together with other friends.

7. Other physical benefits

Apart from enhancing walking speed, improving hand-to-eye coordination, and helping to maintain balance, video games have many physical benefits.

For people who are suffering from arthritis, games are very effective.

Also, for elderly people who might suffer from chronic pain, the distraction of playing a game can reduce pain.

Gaming is a great activity that can improve poor sight.


Hence, video games are not just for kids and teenagers.

Adults and seniors are playing video games.

The benefits mentioned are just a few that elderly people can receive after playing video games.

But, since there are several game genres to choose from, you may have to ask your grandparents the games they like to play.

Happily, no matter the video game you choose, it can improve your overall health, help you make new friends and keep you entertained.

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