A Brief List of Video Game Genres Gamers Crave

I created a list of video game genres to show that each one is unique.

When it comes to video games, we can describe game genre as the style of game-play and not the story.

In gaming, it is possible to move from one style to another style within a game.

A video game genre has many games, which are later classified into sub-genres.

For instance, in action genre, we can classify games sub-genres known as platform games and fighting games.

Things to know about video game genres

Today, the video game industry is bigger than both music and movie industries in income.

This is because of the number of companies involved and the genres created.

The birth of multiple genres has made many people all over the world take part in gaming.

This is something that was not available in the past.

Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG is one genre that attracts millions of people.

They play it online by many gamers.

To understand more about video game genres, here is a list of common genres.

List of video game genres

1. Action

One of the common genres in gaming is action games.

These are games that highlight challenges where the gamer needs hand-to-eye coordination skills.

In most action games, the player is in control.

This is among the largest genre in gaming.

Some sub-genres in action genre include:

Platform-games–these are games that you play by avoiding obstacles.

You need to climb, jump and control your movements.

Some well-known games in this subgenre are Super Mario Bros, Gameboy Advance, and Donkey Kong.

Shooter games–here, gamers take part by using weapons.

They also know the games as violent video games.

In this sub-genre, we further classify the games as first-person shooters and third-person shooters.

Some games include Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty and many more.

Fighting games–these are one-on-one fights.

We also classify them as violent video games.

Some popular fighting games are Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Devil May Cry.

2. Action-Adventure

This is a genre that involves the collection of items, combat, and puzzle solving.

In some cases, action-adventure games are known as modern games.

Some sub genres in this field include:

Survival horror–the category involves fear, and its aim is to scare gamers through death, gore, and blood.

Examples are Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Metroidvania–these are games that require the player to explore.

However, the paths are limited and there are many obstacles.

3. Adventure

These are the easiest games to design.

Unlike in the movies where adventure movies are defined by the content, adventure games are not defined by the action.

Some common sub-categories of adventure genre include:

Text adventure–these are games such as the Zork series.

Graphic adventure–these are games, which use graphics to deliver the environment to the gamer.

Visual novels–it more like a novel where a player needs to accomplish a certain chapter before advancing.

Interactive movie–it contains full-motion characters or cartoons where gamers control parts of the movie.

3D adventure (Real-time)–some famous games in this category are Nightfall, Realmyst, and Shadow of Memories.

4. Role-Playing Games

As the name suggests, video games in this category allow players to play as someone else.

Most of them involve guiding characters through a world full of monsters.

Some games in this genre include Skyrim, Fallout, the Gothic series and many others.

There are many subs-genres in this category that include:

  • Action RPG
  • Roguelikes
  • Tactical RPG
  • Sandbox RPG
  • Fantasy

5. Simulation games

This is a genre where video games are designed closely to simulate features of real or fictional reality.

Construction & management simulation–This is a game where players need to build, manage or expand projects.

You will find city-building games, business-simulation games, and government simulation games.

Life simulation–this games involve relationships and individuals. The Sims game is a good example.

Vehicle simulation–this includes racing games, flight games, train and space-flight simulator games.

6. Strategy

To play this game, you need to have a strategy.

The games require a lot of thinking, planning and organizing to achieve victory.

Some common sub-genres include:

4X Game–This refers to strategy-games with 4-main goals.

To explore, then expand, then exploit, and then exterminate.

Artillery game–these are some of the earliest games developed in the industry.

They involve tanks battling each other.

The World of Tanks online game is an artillery-game.

Real-time strategy–here, the players have to decide and action based on the state of the game.

7. Sports

These are digital games that simulate different sports.

Another player can control the opposite team or by the computer/artificial intelligence (AI).

Racing–here the gamer competes against time and other race car drivers.

Sports games–emulate playing different games such as soccer, basketball, and others.

One common game is the FIFA series.

Sport-based fighting games–these include boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing games.

Some of them include WWE-2K and Fight Night.

8. Other notable genres

MMO & MMORPG–there are video games that support many players.

Players can be anywhere in the world since they play the game online.

These games allow players to take part and face each other on a large scale.

The players can also interact with each other.

A good example of a popular online game is World of Warcraft.

Casual games–most of these video games are on mobile platforms.

They are simple to pick up and play.

Party games–they are designed for multiplayer and involve collecting items in a specific time frame.

Some of these games include Mario Party and Crash Bash.

Logic games–these are games where a player is required to solve puzzles

Trivia games – found on most mobile devices where players have a few minutes to complete certain tasks.

Card games–many modern computers have card games installed ready to play.

Games genres by purpose–while they create many video games for entertainment, there are others that are designed for specific purposes.

They make some to stimulate, inform, or persuade.

They may have puzzles, action or adventure.

Examples of this game genre are art games, Christian games, causal games, educational games, and personalized games.


While this list of video game genres is short, there are plenty of other genres to enjoy.

The main thing is to choose a favorite and become an expert at it.

Which is your favorite game genre? Leave your comments below.

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