Month: July 2021

Level up Fast with the GW2 World Boss Portal Device

The GW2 world boss portal device (WBPD) is one of my secret weapons to making GW2 gold, leveling up fast and having fun. The world boss portal device in GW2 is a gizmo that tells you when a world boss event is about to start. …

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The Challengers are Consoles vs PC Gaming

Today, we talk about about consoles vs PC gaming to find out which is best for you. Although both have their own benefits and drawbacks, there is one that outshines the other. For example, when it comes to gaming and video game devices, it all …

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How to Get Magical Minecraft Items as a Beginner

To get magical Minecraft items early in the game, you need to prepare for battle. I recently got an enchanted helmet with fire protection fighting a fire zombie in Minecraft. The thing is, I’m only a level 3 and didn’t have any armor pieces at …

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