18 Popular Video Game Companies

These popular video game companies have created above average video games.

The gaming sector is no longer a field for a specific age group or country.

With the advancement of mobile video games and consoles, gaming has turned out to be one of the richest sectors in the world.

It has become an important form of entertainment for all ages and all backgrounds.

The advancement of several gaming devices, such as processors, graphics, and sound cards has shown significant growth in the gaming industry.

But with modern games, particularly computer gaming, they are in high demand and serious players are those who buy high-powered devices.

Most gamers want to keep up with the newest games and products.

Types of Gaming

In the past several years, the gaming industry has developed a variety of platforms to play video games.

The growth has given birth to new companies, and consoles have become more sophisticated than ever. Some mediums include:

Computer Gaming

They play personal computer games on a computer using keyboards, joysticks, electronic-mouse, or using a game pad.

But with the advancement of consoles, video games lost value in the market briefly in the 90s.

But later they reemerged in the 2000s because of the digital distribution.

Now, you can play the games locally or online.

Console Gaming

Today, the most common digital gaming device is the console.

It is a video game device that gamers used to play video games.

The console is the gadget that outputs the image to the TV or monitor that displays the game.

These devices have evolved to a single device to a DVD player, a set-top box, and a web browser.

Mobile Gaming

When using a mobile device to play a video game, it is called mobile gaming.

You can use a tablet, a smartphone, a smart watch or a calculator to play a mobile game.

To get a mobile game, you need to download it to your smart device.

18 Popular Video Game Companies

Because of the revenue potential, the gaming industry has become one of the most competitive sectors in entertainment.

It is growing at a high rate where everyone wants a piece of the action.

But companies within the sector are under stress.

Since the industry is not well regulated; top companies dominate the market.

Several companies were involved, but few remained popular.

Fortunately, as technology advances, more and more companies are expected to join the field.

To understand more about these video game companies, it is essential to know that they involve the richest companies in the world in gaming products.

However, some years ago, the gaming industry was tiny.

Video games were developed by small teams and were deemed to be for young people.

Today, there are many types of gamers and video game companies have become very popular.

Below are the most popular video companies.


One of the best and most popular video game companies is Nintendo.

We know Nintendo for creating games for young players.

People who have settled with Nintendo have never looked back.


Another popular video game company is Rockstar.

Most of their games are massive.

Some popular names under their belt include Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, GTA, and many more.


EA (Electronic Arts) is a developer, marketer, and distributor of digital games.

It is a popular company where most people check for the EA label before purchasing a video game.


Sony is one of the most successful video game companies in the world.

It involves them in both kids and adult games. Most people love the company for its modern consoles.


Another successful digital game company is Sega.

It is famous for its innovative ideas that have attracted many players all over the world.

It is also popular for its customer care services.

Square Enix

Based in Japan, it is a game developer and distribution company known for fantastic products.

Some of their best games include Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and many others.


Another American developer that was established in 1991 is Bungie.
It has various software products that gamers enjoy.

Bethesda Softworks

Established in 2002, Bethesda is an amazing company for video games.

It has released remarkable games for all ages.

The company won awards for their creative games.


Even though Microsoft is famous for computer programs, it is also popular for developing video games.

Also, the company creates amazing games on their platform.


One of the oldest companies in the gaming sector is Rare.

It is a well-known company that has created many popular games.

The company was acquired by Microsoft Studios and they have recently created an online game named Sea of Thieves.


Mojang is a Swedish company founded in 2009.

It is popular for designing unique video games.

One of the most popular games under Mojang is Minecraft.


Another popular digital game company from Japan is Konami.

Apart from their amazing games, they distribute slot machines for arcade and casino centers.

2K Games

2K Games is a famous company that designs, develops, distributes and publishes great games that include The Darkness, NBA 2K, Civilization, Borderlands and WWE-2K.


The company has become one of the biggest companies around the globe.

With amazing games, fans cannot ignore their games.

Games like World of Warcraft and Diablo are just a few of their popular titles.


Another American video game publisher is Activision.

The company was established in 1979.

In fact, this company was the first developer and distributor of video games for consoles.

Warner Bros Games

An American company that has delivered faithful entertainment is Warner Bros. Games.

Being in operation for several years, it has many video games under its name.

Some significant titles include Mortal Kombat, Batman and many other superb games.

TT Games

TT games (Travellers Tales) have been developing games for a long time.

Warner Bros. took over to create awesome games.

Some of their most popular games are from the Lego franchise.

They include Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter and more.

Gearbox Software

When comparing popular video game companies, Gearbox Software is definitely on the list.

The company has super amazing games like Borderlands, Duke Nukem and Homeworld.

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