15 Video Games Based on Books: Story Driven

Regular book readers enjoy video games based on books.

Mostly everyone loves books, from small children to elderly people. This is because books can inspire, motivate and encourage readers.

Apart from people, books have inspired other sectors that include movies and the video games.

Even though it is not common, there are several video games that have been directed from books.

Most of the games have already received great ratings from book and video game fanatics.

Why is it not easy to direct video games from books?

When it comes to directing a video game, there are many things involved.

Digital games tend to adopt several features, ideologies, and an atmosphere from books or movies.

Although many video games that have bought ideas from books are easy to identify, there are some that are hard to spot.

Now there is an ongoing trend for video games to be released from movies, books, and TV shows. Designing a good video game is not an easy task.

Developers must accurately capture the book’s characters, location and story to be effective. If done properly, the video game can communicate the book’s story to the players.

Another benefit of game based movies is that they can represent any type of book.

From the bible to action and romance, a good game can come out of a good novel. But the reality is that it is not an easy task as strictly writing a book.

This means that if you find a game based on a book, it’s probably a very special book.

This makes the game fun, especially if you are familiar with some characters from the story.

Below are several video games that most people don’t know that they are based on books.

15 Video games based on books

1. The Binding of Isaac

Though some people may think this digital game should not be on the list because it is based on the bible, it is definitely one of the best.

The bible is probably one of the most popular books in the entire world. This digital game is an educational one that can be played by adults, children, and teenagers.

This digital game is based on the old-testament where God asks Abraham to kill Isaac. This digital game is also an entertaining game where Abraham is interchanged by a very abusive mother.

2. The Witcher

This digital game is based on the Witcher-book that began as a collection of short stories. Today, it has been transformed into a phenomenal video game.

Actually, most people started looking for the book after the video game was released. There are around five books of the original saga.

3. Stalker

Another amazing video game based on books is Stalker. It has an interesting story that involves shooters.

The novel is about an experienced stalker who searches for valuables to sell. The stalker video game is something you can try.

4. Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is amazing, though it might not be common in the horror world.

The novel Parasite Eve by Pharmacologist H. Sena can entertain or scare you. But in general, it is something that was well directed.

5. Assassin’s Creed

Most of the games above are more or less from a novel. But there are some games that get their ideas directly from books.

One of them is the Assassin’s Creed. The first Assassin was from the 1993 novel by Vladimir Bartol.

6. Specs ops (The Line)

Based on the story Heart of Darkness comes another entertaining game. The game involves a group of soldiers who search for survivals after the war.

7. Bloodborne

The designer has borrowed pieces of elements from the book to create a single story.

But the good thing about the game is that it involves eldritch gods, cosmic beings, and many other unearthly manners.

8. The Dark Eye

One of the greatest computer game adventures is the Dark Eye. There is a lot of horror in the Dark Eye that displays many visual styles.

For people who have read the book, it is an awesome game.

9. Metro 2033

Based on the novel, it brings the system of the aftermath of apocalyptic Moscow, which was devastated by the nuclear holocaust.

The good news is that many characters appear in both the game and the novel. Metro 2033 was published in 2010, and this is the same year that the video game was launched.

10. BioShock

Most people know BioShock. It’s a good example of how things change if the objectives are well-placed. This digital game is directed with the principle of self-interest.

11. I Have no mouth, and I Must Scream

If you are looking for something scary, I Have-no-mouth, and I-Must-scream is a powerful game adventure.

It’s about a super-computer known as AM and it has 3 powerful machines that have been merged into a master-computer. It contains a well-crafted story that is worth playing.

12. Suikoden

For people who are familiar with Shui Hu Zhuan, it’s one of the best chines books. It involves outlaws being granted amnesty but later start fighting for the government.

But on the game Suikoden, the outlaws are the stars of the game. Every series of the game has a new set of characters.

13. Dynasty Warriors

Another amazing novel from the Chinese world is the Dynasty Warriors. One important aspect about the game is that it references the book’s events accurately.

14. 80 Days

Around the world in 80 days and 80 Days are very similar. Someone wonders how he can move around the world in only 80 days.

Through the journey, there are many setbacks that prevent him from traveling. In the game, you need to manage money and health and make numerous decisions.

15. Angband

This digital game has generated several fans for its exploration and chances to explore dungeons.

Based on Silmarillion, it gets a lot of attention for being one of the best games based on J.R. R Tolkien.


The previous 15 video games based on books are just a few. Others include The Lord of Rings games, Tom Clancy games, and Sherlock Holmes games.

However, there are a few games that have obtained inspiration from books but have not managed to attract fans.

But with this short list of games, it is evident that there are many digital games inspired by books.

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