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Black Ops 2 Gameplay: Zombies and Multiplayer


Black Ops 2, a game published by Activision Blizzard is an excellent sequel that gives players more ways to have fun. If you enjoy shooting zombies‘, and playing multi-player matches, keep reading. The game has a single player, multiplayer and zombie mode to keep you entertained for hours. Black Ops …

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Ways to make money in Guild Wars 2

warrior and pink dragon_feature_image

Completing Quests When you begin your adventures in Tyria, one of the easiest ways to make money in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is by completing quests. Open your world map by pressing on the “M” key and look for heart shapes. These golden hearts are quest givers that will offer …

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Do Video Games help with Depression?


 Suffering from mental illness is not something to smile about. People with depression or anxiety normally feel hopeless and they have no idea what they should do with their lives. Depression has numerous effects, and the best place to start is freeing the mind from real life issues. Today, more …

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