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Minecraft - The Minecraft Game Rapid Review

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The Minecraft Game Review

In the Minecraft game, you will be able to build a world of your own that becomes your own unique game. Although the game is fun to play, the game's visuals are pretty low, and they look like Lego blocks.


Great for kids


Great crafting


Fair visuals

Addicting gameplay


An Educational Game

The Minecraft game has emerged as one of the most popular video games in the world. In case you are not sure what exactly is Minecraft, it is a type of building game. Somewhat like lego but much more fun and intriguing. But then where does the word mine' fit?

The word "mine" comes from the gathering of trees and then turning them into your structures. It's a combination of fun and creativeness that has sold more than a million copies.

There are multitude benefits of playing Minecraft. It can be an incredibly constructive and valuable experience for players.

Minecraft is a great learning tool. Although Minecraft is a game, numerous universities and schools have started using it as a method for education. Minecraft teaches an array of concepts like logic building, problem-solving, math, science and many more.

In Minecraft, taking risks and learning from mistakes in a fun and virtual world is an easy way to learn to cope with the real world. It is not just a simple ordinary video game, but an enveloping and reciprocal playground. Challenges ask players to work hard during every phase of the game.

Challenges encourage complex thought building in players. Minecraft is a very secure game for kids as there are no sex, drugs or bad language.


Craft your Game World

Minecraft encourages players to think creatively and increases their attention span during gameplay. Minecraft is an immense flexible game, with many options to modify your challenges, monsters, and goals. Gamers can play in the single or multiplayer mode to adapt to everyone's ability and interest.

When you first play Minecraft, your experience is cool for the first time. There are simple controls and fun music to complement the game.

A possible negative is that many parents are frustrated with their kids playing it all the time. However, if tackled in a right way the game can be a delightful experience for their kids. Also, it is important to remember that Minecraft was never actually designed for kids.

One confusing feature of Minecraft for parents is trying to understand what their kids are playing. Minecraft is a game based on imaginations, and not all parents can understand their child's point of view.

Users can also customize their world, and every player has a different experience from the game. The good thing is that these factors can be easily fixed and shouldn't prevent parents from letting their kids gain the real benefits of the game.

The game doesn't have the best looking animations or graphics that other five star games contain. Most of the game world looks like pixel blocks with art attached to it.

If you don't mind animations that look like Lego and want to build something, the Minecraft game is for you. Build like an architect, develop your skills, kill boredom and just have fun!

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