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XCOM Enemy Unknown Review

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Do you want to recruit and train squad members to fight extraterrestrials? XCOM Enemy Unknown focuses on fighting dangerous aliens. With a little luck and lots of strategy skills, you may be able to save the world from an extraterrestrial invasion.


Awesome Combat

Lots of Upgrades

Soldier Customization



Not story focused

A few glitches


Is XCOM Enemy Unknown Fun?

XCOM Enemy Unknown is the type of game that once you start playing, you can't stop. Due to the playing mechanics, I was having so much fun that hours flew by. Also, I think the soldier customization feature stands out the most. It's cool watching soldiers move up in rank and acquire new abilities. Another great feature is the variations of alien species you get to fight. You will encounter big-headed, half robotic and weird aliens.

There is no waiting for the game to tell a story. Due to no waiting, the player begins fighting aliens immediately. One of my favorite parts of XCOM Enemy Unknown is the soldier customization options. Similar to a role-playing game, you can customize your squad. Therefore I enjoyed upgrading my squad's equipment making them stronger.


XCOM Soldiers


Is XCOM Enemy Unknown Easy to Play?

I played XCOM Enemy Unknown on the easiest settings, and it was simple to play. Note that if you're not familiar with turn-based games, it can be challenging to play. Furthermore, you need to know how to manage a budget so you won't go broke. Similar to real life budgets, you need to buy and maintain equipment for your base.

Does XCOM Enemy Unknown Have a Good Story?

Since I didn't finish the whole campaign, I can't say its a good story. However, after completing a few missions, I can see that XCOM Enemy Unknown is not a story-focused game. As a result, players are only given a quick briefing via a voice-over and text. You don't get unique cut-scenes with characters like other story-focused games. Most notably, the XCOM story is told by completing missions and discovering alien artifacts.


XCOM Planet Earth


Final Verdict

XCOM Enemy Unknown has excellent features that a turn-based strategy game needs to be successful. While the game doesn't focus on story-telling, it makes up for it in combat. You don't have to wait minutes seeing story cut-scenes, you jump right into the action.

In conclusion, I'm giving it a 9 out of 10 for its turn-based combat mechanics. XCOM is a game that you can quickly start playing and have fun from the start. It will take time to master all the management features. But the best part of all is that you will learn the game while kicking some alien butt.

Tips & Tricks

When you first start playing XCOM Enemy Unknown, write down the first steps the tutorial teaches. For example; If the game tells you to research a project, write it down. Create a to-do list in the order that the game explains.

This way you can use your list as a starting point on what to do next. Keep your soldiers in a tight group when you first play XCOM. If you spread out your squad too wide, you may attract large groups of enemies. Finally look at how the aliens move and try to copy their tactics.

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