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The This War of Mine Review

In this game, you will learn how to survive and fight for your life in stressful situations. While the game mechanics and crafting system works well, the game gets repetitive.


Sturdy controller and keyboard support

Great Crafting system


No Multiplayer

Fair Visuals

Gets Repetitive


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Survival is the Name of the Game

This War of Mine has two main game modes, survival mode, and story mode. To play story mode, you will have to purchase downloadable content (DLC).

Most noteworthy is that you can create your own story and share it with the modding community. There are also modifications designed by other players that you can add to the game for further enjoyment.

In survival mode, players need to keep their characters alive and well to survive throughout the game. Therefore, you will need to find food, water, and other materials to use the crafting stations at your home.

This War of Mine has an addicting crafting system that's easy to manage and works well. To use the crafting station, players need to look for materials.

You cannot leave your home during the day to find materials because there are snipers ready to kill your character. Since you can't go out during the day, your character needs to go on a scavenging hunt at night.

As a result, the game is divided into a day and night cycle using a clock timer. During the daytime, you will be mostly crafting components in your residence.


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The Casualties of War

During the night cycle, one of your characters will go scavenging while others guard or sleep at home. The scavenging missions at night are fun because you need to be stealthy and avoid danger.

Once you have collected enough materials during your missions at night, you bring them to your home. Now you can use your crafting stations to build things like furniture, electronics, weapons and much more.

The crafting process in This War of mine is the key to keeping your characters safe and alive. So searching for the right materials for specific circumstances is vital.

The game's visuals are not top quality so you won't need a high-end video card to play the game. In my experience with this game, some scenes look similar to others.

Something that bothered me was the pacing of the game. If one of your characters are depressed or sick, they move very slowly.

Moving slowly in a timed game is very frustrating, and it turned me off. After my third game-play, it felt repetitive and boring.

In conclusion, This War of Mine felt more like a sad, depressing drag with an ending that sends you home crying. Overall it's a good game, but after playing it a few times, I couldn't find a reason to go back and play it again.


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