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The Last of Us Game Review

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Before you rush into the age of Xbox One or PlayStation 4, it’s important to remember that the current boxes that you most probably have in your home are still full of life. The Last of Us game is a perfect example of this. It’s an unbelievable journey that narrates a strong story with incredible visuals.

The video game is among the fascinating adventures of Naughty Dog, a developer that has vast experience with stunning action exploits for PS3. A few years ago, they drew curtains on the exemplary "Unchartered” series that stars Nathan Drake.

This endeavor by Naughty Dog might seem tremendous or even better than its predecessors, but the similarities do not extend beyond that point. The Last of Us is mainly about tactics and survival, but the anxiety and intensity levels are unwavering.

As a player, you'll assume the role of a survivor who goes by the name Joel. The character has remained alive and well twenty years after the outbreak of a severe fungal-based disease that ravaged people living in the U.S.A.

The disease transformed the superpower into a completely-destroyed wasteland. The once robust cities now consist of torn down buildings, weeds, and grass that grow on ruined sidewalks, as well as heavily guarded checkpoints that monitor people for any signs of infection.


A Fascinating Story

During the challenging expedition, Joel meets a teenage girl by the name Ellie. The fourteen-year-old girl was born when the outbreak had already occurred. For that reason, she has never experienced any other kind of life.

Ellie doesn't seem to wonder about the destruction that surrounds her. However, she's surprised when she comes across a movie poster and forest. The relationship between Joel and Ellie is necessarily what makes the video game fascinating.

At the onset, Joel assists the teenage girl to move to another quarantine zone, albeit reluctantly. As the plot goes on, you'll notice that the two of them draw closer together. The Last of Us game has a combination of three primary elements, exploration, combat and resource management.

If you run and try to kill everything in sight, you’ll die instantly. You must carefully decide whether to flee or fight. Quietly killing enemies, striking at the most appropriate time and hiding behind objects are among the best options that Joel has.

As a player, you can use a listening tool that works just like radar. Upon pressing the R2 button, you can see where the enemies are and even track their movements. The listening tool allows Joel to make a stealthy approach and then stab or strangle the enemy.


Survival is the Number One Priority

Given that The Last of Us game concentrates on survival, one of the most critical factors is proper resource management. Gamers must scavenge for items such as alcohol, tape, rags and scissors in abandoned structures. Since ammunition is scarce, every shot must count.

The Last of Us is exceptionally violent, as demonstrated by the gurgles made by strangled enemies and thuds of baseball bats. The creation of a tense and action-packed experience that features no unwarranted violence is the most impressive feat in this game.

Every decision is made with the sole objective of staying alive, whether it entails fleeing or fighting. The incredible video game features an exciting single player campaign and an equally captivating multi-player component.

The Last of Us game is an excellent illustration of the expertise that Naughty Dog has in video game presentation and story-telling. So if you're ready to dive into an exciting adventure, play this game, I genuinely recommend it.

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