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thor pc gaming case

Rosewill Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Thor V2

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The Rosewill Gaming PC Case Review

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The Rosewill Gaming Computer Case is a massive PC tower that has lots of room for hardware. Due to its size, you can quickly add or remove PC hardware.

If you're looking for a colossal ATX full tower, the Rosewill Gaming computer case is an option. However, the weight and cooling mechanisms can be annoying.


Lots of Cooling Fans

2 Fan Speed Controls

Top Ventilation Windows


Weighs a lot

Accumulates lots of Dust

A Few Years Old


Thor is the Tower of Power

For the last two years, my Rosewill gaming computer case has been running strong. Some of its best features are the cooling mechanisms.

The Rosewill ATX tower has around five fan slots. While it has many fans, it also has a ventilation window screen on top.

By adjusting the speed of your fans, you can further cool your hardware. However, all these fans tend to attract lots of dust.

Every six to months to a year, I clean my Rosewill PC case. The dust accumulates on the sides and bottom of the PC case.


Things to Know about the Rosewill Gaming PC Case

Another problem with this computer case is its weight. The Rosewill gaming computer case weighs more than thirty pounds without hardware.

Due to its size and weight, I have placed my tower on the floor next to my PC desk. Therefore, I suggest measuring your area before buying it.

When I bought this gaming tower, it was a few years old, and that's been more than two decades. As a result, I suggest that you check the latest version before buying it.

Overall, the Rosewill gaming computer case is a solid computer case. I recommend this ATX case for video gamers that will continuously be upgrading PC hardware.

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