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The Halo 4 Game Review - Rapid Fire

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The Halo 4 Game Review

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We Need You Master Chief!

Welcome to a new narrative in the Halo franchise. Last time we checked, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 commanded Cortana to summon him from cryosleep when needed. Well, that time is now, we need you Master Chief!


The Good

Having achieved remarkable success in the first person shooter genre, Halo 4 revolves around Cortana and her fight for her humanity. In an ever-changing digital world, one may have expected a similar story-line, given that it is the 4th installment in the series.

But we were pleasantly surprised that Halo 4’s new developer’s, 343 Studios, saw fit to not only construct a decent plot but rebuild the graphics engine. One is immediately dazzled by the environment and gun-play, and to be fair, this is Halo’s strong suit, so we expected this and were not disappointed.

The new "Scattershot" works great alongside the "Battle Rifle" or "Sniper Rifle." The jaw-dropping, crash landing on planet Requiem leaves one in a daze, and I'm not too proud to admit I enjoyed it.

This Halo 4 game features a brilliant cacophony of sounds and effects that leaves one fully immersed.


The Bad

While there are some great additions to the weapons arsenal, there are also many bad ones we wouldn't unveil like the "Covenant Storm Rifle" or "Promethean Suppressor." It makes no sense having tools, scenes, etc. that does not improve the gaming experience.

My main fear, however, is those concerning the campaign. Being a dedicated fan, Halo 4 breaks away from a much-needed tradition - the terminal tales. These side stories are meant to fill those mysterious gaps in the plot.

However, in this installment, most of the juicy content is concealed in eight terminals not viewed within the game. Another thing that pulls at my beard - too many odds and ends left dangling in mid-air.

We get that the developers will likely address some of these issues in future installments but cutting the story mid-air before the climax, leaves one feeling frustrated instead of excited at future gaming concepts related to this franchise.


The Unconventional

As mentioned above, we did not expect to find a hardened battle master questioning and exploring their humanity. The game content makes for an exciting changing in direction, which can be studied in greater depth later on.

Considering the game's new developers are trying to stamp their brand of genius on this franchise, the music of Halo 4 has become an accompaniment rather than a notable addition to the game.

Neil Davidge takes over from Marty O’Donnell whose scores left us feeling a range of emotions similar to popular music titles. While the music isn’t exactly memorable, they do lend a sense of atmosphere, which may end up working well for 343 Studios.


Parents take Notes

Parents, ease up and take a breather. While the Halo 4 game does contain some violence, it was reviewed by gamers, parents, and kids. The set includes no gory scenes guaranteed to wake your children screaming in the middle of the night.

What's more, the subject of one's humanity is called into question as both Cortana, and the Master Chief go through similar experiences. Questions abound when one thinks about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how far reasoning and logic can take you.

All in all, while we grumbled at certain things, 343 Studios have done an excellent job at keeping the Halo 4 game alive and kicking, balancing new concepts and features within its world. A highly recommended game!

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