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Grand Theft Auto 4 Game - Rapid Review

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Game Review

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The Grand Theft Auto 4 game is an exceptional achievement that perfectly balances conventional free roaming play and story driven by character. You’d be surprised to know that it even consists of emotional aspects-we all appreciate how important relationships are- although traditionalists may not agree with this.

In spite of advancement in mobile phone technology, GPS, and other innovations, GTA IV assures you that you're treading on familiar grounds, even though the game is more ambitious and refined than its predecessors.

There is a significant improvement in the driving- something that most gamers value. When you start driving, you'll notice that the suspension feels better, and the vehicles also appear to be heavier. Car races and the predictable pile up are brutally exhilarating.


A Wild Ride

Don't get surprised when you see characters getting thrown out of windscreens. There's plenty of bloodsheds, but this shouldn't surprise you either. Regardless of the physically and graphically enhanced depiction, you can still find the light touch present in previous versions.

The Grand Theft Auto 4 Game looks excellent, mainly when darkness sets in. A good example is Vice City. Even though the city that you drive through looks dark, you'll get the impression that there are people who live and work in it.

In the unfortunate event that you run over someone, for instance, you'll feel incredibly guilty. It's quite easy to forget the storyline in the middle of chaos. Therefore, GTA IV deserves a commendation since the dialogue and storyline are so captivating that you can't get confused or lost.


Respect the Authority

Networking with people is just as good as topping up your ammunition- and the game makes you appreciate this. However, just like the case usually is with Grand Theft Auto games, you have to go out and seek adventure if you want to enjoy GTA IV.

You'll notice that police officers, for instance, are brilliant. Apart from engaging in running battles with the police, you can also participate in exciting activities such as bowling, visiting comedy clubs and having drinks with friends.

About size, San Andreas' gaming world is larger than that of GTA IV. San Andreas is the series' previous title. The game has a very tight focus. For this reason, players have something to see or something to do all the time.


Grand Theft Auto IV Online

For instance, you can decide to watch inhabitants of the city going about their regular business- you won't find this annoying, by the way. Do not be fooled, nevertheless. GTA IV is so vast that it can actively entertain yours for up to 40 hours. And that is just offline.

Can you guess how much entertainment there is when you go online? And that is not all. For the very first time, you can play the game against other players. This particular feature is new.

The Grand Theft Auto 4 Game has some imperfections nevertheless, although some of the flaws that existed in its predecessors are fixed. One of the weaknesses that you'll notice when you play GTA IV is the absence of in-mission saving feature.

Additionally, the target lock-on and cover have no benefits most of the time. In addition to that, the graphical pop-ups that appear as you approach buildings dampen the grand illusion. I definitely had fun with this game and I highly recommend it.

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