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Black Ops 2 Game Review - Zombie and Multiplayer Modes

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The Black Ops 2 Game Review

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Pick Up your Rifle and Go

The Black Ops 2 game has fascinating ideas concerning how technology is going to be in the future. However, the famous shooter series' future is what gamers are most interested. Some of the interesting things that you'll encounter are jet-packs with inflexible wings, advertisements that show your face and gloves that can not only support your weight but also stick to any surface, among other fascinating features.

Black Ops II brings about entirely new types of missions and spectacular decision points that brighten up the campaign. Additionally, the video game offers the option of playing in a league, something that's entirely new in Call of Duty's sacred multi-player mode.

Conversely, just like its predecessors, the campaign consists of similar pleasing rhythm, cooperative zombies mode, and a very competitive multiplayer mode as well. Caught between remaining in the past and striving for a promising future, Black Ops II strikes a perfect balance and offers another exceptional ride on the popular series' roller-coaster.

The ride commences on a rough note by the display of very graphic content. Since prospective players already know about this during Black Ops II's pre-campaign, the disturbing content shouldn't surprise you. If you've never seen people burning while still alive, then you'll get to see that for the first time.


One Shot one Kill

Luckily, the Black Ops 2 game campaign consists of lots of amusing action and engaging storyline as well. Its lead characters are the same as those found in the original Black Ops, and even though the game alludes to past events, you'll see a bright and easy-to-follow narrative thread.

There are two distinct periods of time: the past and present that stretch from the time of occurrence of the Cold War to the year 2015 respectively. A Black Ops protagonist by the name Frank Woods gives a narrative that seamlessly weaves the two periods of time together.

However, Raul Menendez, the game's villain, is the primary driver of the storyline.Two buttons give you the power to either let the target live or instantly dispatch him to hell. You only need to press the buttons.

You'll notice substantial changes in the strike missions available for players like you. It's a new form of campaign level. You'll have a battery of drones and platoon of soldiers that you can utilize to defend yourself and also launch attacks.

The campaign is smooth as you advance through beautiful and diverse surroundings, courtesy of powerful weapons that can be used to kill any enemies that appear along the way. You can choose to board a jet, ride a fearless horse or take control of a powerful missile turret. Whatever your option is, make good use of it.


Great Multiplayer Action

There are several changes in the video game's multiplayer, particularly about how players prepare themselves in readiness for battle. A new token-system has replaced the old COD Points-system used in Black Ops. The new token-system allows you to choose how to unlock the different new gear as well as weapons.

When you enter the league play for the very first time, Black Ops II will require you to play some rounds to enable it to calculate how skilled you are. After that, you fall into the division you deserved and expected to compete with other players who're at the same level.

The Black Ops 2 game is captivating. Zombie’s mode erodes some of the gains made by the developer though. It’s great to experience significant changes in Black Ops 2’s overall structure.

The exceptional storytelling ability of Treyarch, the video game’s developer, has brought about a campaign that is both exciting and engaging. This game has much value with three great game modes, I recommend it without hesitation.

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