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Antec 450 ATX Power Supply

Antec VP-450 450W ATX 12V v2.3 Power Supply

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The Antec 450W Power Supply Review

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The Antec 450W power supply didn't just surprise me, but its power impressed much more. Don't let the brand or its looks fool you; this power supply can run a full ATX tower PC.


Can handle high power demands

Can fit in small, medium and full ATX tower computers


It can fit in a full ATX tower, but the cables are too short

Its cables are short and must be placed in a small or mid-ATX tower


The Small but Powerful Antec Power Supply

I had the Antec 450W power supply installed in my full ATX PC tower for almost a year. However, It wasn't a good idea because the main power supply cable was too short.

As a result, I had to run the main power supply wire over my video card. Consequently, this can cause a short and damage the hardware. Due to this, I had to wrap a plastic strap around the cable to prevent a short.


The Antec 450W Power Supply Under Pressure

To my surprise, the Antec power supply continued to run my full ATX tower with no problems. However, I don't recommend buying it for a full ATX tower because of the cables. Most of all, don't place any wires on top of hardware like the graphics card.

I ended up buying an EVGA 600W power supply for my full ATX tower. Probably, I would have kept the Antec power supply if the cables were longer. Therefore, I do recommend this power supply for a gaming computer.

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